Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ich bin Fasziniert mit Ein-Schulter Kleid

Die Feiertage sind nah! Erntedankfest, Weihnachten und Neujahr wird bald hier sein. Der Gedanke auf die Feiertage und die Teilnahme an Partys macht mich schon sehr aufgeregt. Ich beschloss zu Beginn der Planung für meine Abendkleider früh.

Ich bin nicht sicher wann es begann aber ich immer mit ein-Schulter langen Kleidern fasziniert. Sie machen mich der Römer, die Griechen oder die Mazedonier denken.

Ich erinnere mich an die Kleider, die Angelina Jolie trug für ihre Rolle als Mutter des Königs von Mazedonien. Sie war zu sehen, tragen mehrere herrliche Ein-Schulter Kleider, während porträtiert Mutter Olympias zum König Alexander.

Ich verliebte mich mit dieser Schönheit, die Geschichte zeigt. Und ich mag bei einem Kleid wenn es nicht alles offen zeigt. Es spielt, aber es gibt nicht alles weg.

Ich habe ein wenig Schaufensterbummel online und ich fand drei Abendkleider aus Miaberlin.de die ich sehe mich selbst tragen.

1. Ein-Schulter Chiffon A-Linie Bodenlanges Abendkleid 


1-Schulter Chiffon A-Linie Bodenlanges Abendkleid

Es ist ein einfaches Kleid in Silber. Lange, sauber und elegant. Die einzige Ärmel verfügt über Spitze, während das Oberteil ist von überlappenden Bandagen gemacht. Schlank Fesselriemen High Heels sind perfekt, um mit ihm zu gehen.

2. Ein-Schulter Chiffon Etuikleid Bodenlanges Abendkleid 

1-Schulter Chiffon Etuikleid Bodenlanges Abendkleid
Seine Farbe ist so feminin. Aber die Rüschen auf dem Kleid und die drapieren auf der Schulter sind mächtig. Die Perlen sind nicht nur attraktiv; sondern sie die Wrap-around Stil des Kleides heben auch. Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass das Tragen es wird mich wie eine Königin fühlen.

3. Ein-Schulter Chiffon Etuikleid Bodenlanges Abendkleid

1-Schulter Chiffon Etuikleid Bodenlanges Abendkleid, Schwarz
Schwarz ist klassisch. Ein schwarzes langes Kleid ist für Frauen eine wichtigste essentiell. Das sagte ... Ich werde mir in der einen Schulter Stil holen, mit drei Viertel Ärmel, die immer elegant, und mit einem Hauch von Spitze.

Nun sagen Sie mir, was halten Sie von ein-Schulter Kleider denken?

Simple and Clean in White and Cream

Last Saturday night I attended a birthday party with over two hundred guests. I wasn´t directly invited, but you know, when your husband´s family is invited and you´re told … you´re invited too … that kind of scenario.

I had no idea as to the dress code. But I was invited to a birthday party early this year and was told to wear my best, which, thankfully I didn´t but instead went for an elegant short dress, only to see that even the person who invited me (and who told me to wear my best dress) wasn´t wearing a dress! So I thought, maybe it would be the same story.

That´s why for that Saturday night´s party, I went for a simple and clean white sequined top paired with white skinny jeans, a nude clutch and a pair of white-cream pointed-toe pumps. I rolled up the cuffs of my jeans a little to give way to the pumps.

I added a black and white print slim scarf to warm my neck because it was a cold night.

Although I didn´t wear jewelry (because I don´t wear jewelry), I wore a white pearl wrist watch accented with yellow gold.

We had to leave the coats at the entrance. Too bad because my coat was the main statement-maker. It´s an original fur coat in gray. Very high fashion.

The party, as it turned out, was a costume party for a crowd of Filipino women. I haven´t seen as many Filipinos since I arrived in Germany four years ago. The birthday celebrant was a Filipina who turned 50. Her guests were mostly Filipinos. I saw a few aunts at the party whom I knew through my MIL.

One of them asked me why I didn´t dress up. I simply shook my shoulder instead of blurting out, “I don´t think this party is worth dressing up.” Besides, although I was wearing pants, I looked elegant. But actually, that aunt is just used to seeing me dressing up, so she kind of expected me to also do a showdown.

And a showdown they did.

I took a backseat and as I sat at the table assigned to me and my husband, I observed all the dresses and the outfits that paraded in front of me. Unfortunately, none of the outfits I saw that night impressed me. Although there was a couple of looks I liked, they´re the less-is-more approach to style. One was a little black dress worn with black tights and high heels; the other was a black pencil skirt with peplum jacket.

The rest of the looks? If it wasn´t too much, then the shoes didn´t match the dress. Or … it simply fell short from my taste.

Although I quickly figured there were too many people for the buffet that was served, I enjoyed the pumpkin soup appetizer, it was delicious! Plus there was also a program which consisted of Filipinos presenting songs and dances. I haven´t seen one for a while.

All in all, it was a good night.

Monday, October 12, 2015

My Outfit: Biker Look with Black Leather Jacket, Denim Shorts, High-Top Sneakers + Hat

Last weekend we celebrated hubby´s birthday by dining out at a Chinese restaurant. But during the day, we biked around our city to see places. For our biking escapade, I wore a biker look.

The black moto jacket is from Zara. The plaid print scarf is from Mango. The navy blue sports cardigan layered under the jacket is a cardi for kids (boys) which I got from a local thrift store.

The high top sneakers are some branded shoes I got from one of my fave shoe stores here in our city. It´s one of my latest purchases together with the Mango scarf.

I´m not sure if the plaid scarf is trending once again this season, but I did notice many plaid cashmere scarves in our malls. Of course, quickly I´ve seen many plaid copycat synthetic scarves being sold at Pakistani stores.

Anyway, I really loved the comfort of this biker look; it made biking easy but also chic-looking. The shoes are comfortable and light. As we biked around, I noticed many eyes on me.

All in all, hubby´s birthday was low-key but fun. It´s the way we celebrate or birthdays—low key, quiet, personal, yet meaningful and fun.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

My Outfit: Short Knitted Poncho + Fringed Cowboy Boots

There is something naturally sophisticated with ponchos, something I can´t clearly explain other than that … they transform a simple outfit into kind of glam.

I love pulling out my ponchos from the back of my closet in early fall, and occasionally, in late spring. I wear them with skinny denim jeans or denim shorts with tall boots.

Last weekend was probably the last sunny weekend we could have after summer. It was chilly but not too cold. And it was bright.

So I opted for a black pullover, light washed denim shorts, a tan knitted short poncho and a pair of matching, tan knee high boots that features a hint of fringe and a silhouette of cowboy.

It does not clearly show in the pictures, but this is a fringe on fringe look. Hint: Fringe is back as a big trend for fall.

There are outfits that make me feel sexy … and this look is one of them.

Every Friday afternoon hubby and I go out for a date. Sometimes he takes me to a late lunch in a restu, sometimes for a shopping treat, sometimes to show me some parts of our city that I haven´t seen yet, but mostly just to stroll around the heart of the city.

Since I work from home, I´m in isolation the entire week. I can use some time going out and seeing people. 

I liked what hubby was wearing that Friday—some casual joggers and shoes from Zara Man—a totally relaxed get-go. He´s always behind the camera, the guy responsible for my awesome photos, and thankfully, for a couple of shots he allowed me to take over the camera.

In fact, we were just using my smartphone for these pics.

I´m a little depleted now after a long week of research and writing articles for my pro blogs. And there´s still a magazine layout design for my quarterly Christian magazine which deadline is looming. I worked and worked, and yet I feel that I didn´t even accomplished half of the goals I aimed for this week.

I always have to remind myself to only do what I can do for today. Somehow, it helps me not to feel upset when I fall short of my self-imposed short-term goals, which is most of the time. Yay!

Weekend is here to be enjoyed. I wish you a fabulous weekend, darlings!

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Product Review: Aire Tortoise Sundried Sunglasses

Do you have enough black sunglasses already? It´s probably now the time to hunt for some tortoise sunnies, your stylish alternative to black.

Tortoise sunglasses are neutrals. They can easily blend with any color or print combinations. Not to mention, they are more stylish. So when I was approached by Sundried, a brand born and based in Peru, to review their soon-to-launch sunglasses collection, I went for the tortoise. I`ve been hunting for this shape since I recently discovered it suits my oval face the most.

How lucky I am for when the sunglasses arrived, they look perfect on me!

I find these sunnies to be of superb quality. I believe in its potential to compete with the already-established high street brands. Right now though, since the glasses are still in production, the company is not ready to identity the prices of the sunglasses to be featured in their first collection.

But with the look of it, I assume it to fall in the price range of $100 - $250.

It´s really comfortable to wear, light yet robust. Usually, when I have a new pair of sunnies, I have problems with the fit because I´ve a really tiny nose. But with the Aire Tortoise, it´s literally put on and wear.

It gives my face an illusion of pointed nose, which is a plus to some Asian ladies who are not too gifted in this area as I am.

Its glass frames are similar to the classic Ray Ban, only a little more oversized. One feature that I like the most about these glasses is its arms. They´re positioned a bit lower than the bridge which makes the glasses sit exactly to cover your eyes.

Unlike other similar shaped glasses with arms levelled on the top bar, which often leads the glasses to slide lower than your eye-level, this Aire Tortoise sit exactly where it should.

So when it comes to the style, quality, elegance and overall look of these glasses, I will give it a five on all these criteria. Although I can´t do so for its price because it´s currently still unidentified, and on its packaging and case because they´re still a work in progress.

Let´s learn a little more about the Sundried brand, shall we?

It all started with its founder´s sun-drying experience, a lone surfer, after he rose from the water to reminisce about the mornings glorious 6 foot swell. With the sea water dripping and the sun drying him, the SUNDRIED brand was born.

Basically, Sundried is about providing apparel and accessories for those who share the team´s love for the outdoors. They produce t-shirts, shorts and various other items for both men and women, and now they´re expanding to fashionable sunglasses. You can find Sundried in its birthplace Peru, the UK, New Zealand and the USA.

I´m excited to see where this brand is heading.

Disclosure: This review is not a paid advertisement, but I get to keep the sunglasses in exchange for my review. I do my best to provide an honest review and my opinion on the product and brand is not influenced by the compensation.

Friday, September 11, 2015

My Outfit: Brown Leather Jacket for Fall

Fall is the season when I do most of my outfits pictorials. I love the colors of the trees—the red, and orange, and yellow, mixed with brown and gray of leaves and branches—is pure art to me.

Right now, my surroundings is still green. The low and distant rays of the sun + the chilly wind, even if it´s still relatively sunny, are hinting that the beautiful vivid colors that I am always fascinated with will soon be here.

This photo is from last fall, just in front of my house and just a week before I had my ceramic dental braces on. So this is one of those last photos of me with my original crook-y but happy smile.

I got the brown leather jacket from Zara in Berlin. It´s soft, with elevated shoulders, and has a nice fit. It´s a little pricey compared to my synthetic leather jackets and that´s probably because it´s real leather.

I realized that real leather is truly an investment, but they´re also sensitive to the rain. I don´t wear this jacket when it´s raining outside.

Anyway, I like how dramatic this photo turned out. It was just a quick pose I did after hubby and I went to pick up groceries, taken through my smart phone.

7 Types of Wedding Dresses – A Shopping Guide for Brides

It´s almost five years now since my wedding but I still very much remember the joy of shopping for a wedding dress. A colleague and close friend of mine had her wedding on the same month as mine, only a week advance, so we shared that joy of hunting for our wedding dress. We giggled together; we shared our plans for our wedding, and our dream wedding dress!

I think this is one of those pure gifts to a bride.

Yet, after she consumes the icing of the cake, come the serious issues—how much is the budget, what season is the scheduled wedding, and what´s the location. To many brides, they are not able to wear their dream wedding dress because they prefer to go practical. I totally support that. I, too, ended up wearing a practical wedding dress.

And yet to some, those girls who didn´t spend most of their single days dreaming for a wedding, they´re not sure what they want. Unless they hire a wedding planner, they have to deal with the confusions and worry. Thankfully, there are many free guides online on choosing a wedding dress.

As someone who once went through this ordeal, I am now able to identify the seven common types of wedding dresses. I found these gorgeous wedding dresses at Rosa Novias AU, an online wedding boutique which sells anything wedding related, from wedding dresses to bridesmaid dresses and everything in between.

See which wedding dress type resonates more to your style and taste, and don´t be afraid to follow your instinct.

1. Classic Glamourous 

Simple Straps Ball Gown

This is the wedding dress that classic glamor girls would wear. It´s simple, clean, elegant, and boosts a timeless silhouette. You´ll know you found the one if it transports you to the past and reminds you of retro style.

2. The Whimsy 

Honorable Tulle A-line Beading Bateau

Laces and lots of it. Beads. Appliques + handmade flowers. And crystal detailing. This is one of my favorite wedding dress styles. It reminds me of my role, Titania, on a “A Midst Summer Night´s Dream” stage play we did in the university. I love anything whimsy!

3. Conservative Chic 

Exquisite Floral Lace Embroidered Bateau Neck Ball Gown

Being a conservative bride doesn´t mean you´ll have to go frumpy on your big day. Try dresses with lace long sleeves. Or better yet, dresses that are conservative in front but scream sexy in the back. You´ll live this day only once, anyway.

4. The Royal 

Exquisite Tulle Short Sleeve Bateau Lace Beading A-line

This looks like a dress that Princess Charlene of Monacco would wear to her wedding. Look for A-line shapes with soft, slim flares, empire silhouettes, and boat neck + crop overlays.

5. The red carpet

Sexy Spaghetti Straps Sweep/brush Train Beading Trumpet

Imagine you´re a celebrity and the aisle you´ll walk is a red carpet. All eyes are on you. These dresses are bold, exaggerated, sometimes revealing but always elegant.

6. The cartoon character princess 

Charming Lace Beading Strapless Organza Sweep/brush Train A-line

It´s not for everyone but this is your wedding, so no one should stop you if you want to wear the wedding dress that Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty would wear to their wedding. Live your dream!

7. Modern and Trendy 

Sexy Lace Sweep/brush Train Trumpet

You´re the bride who walks off the runway to attend her wedding. Others wonder if you walked straight from a fashion magazine. You´re wearing the most coveted shape of the season, the trumpet silhouette, and you´re not afraid strutting your slim figure and toned derriere.

So let me know, girls, which style of wedding dress are you?

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My New Bike, A Feminine White + Baby Blue Mountain Bike, Is a Gift from Hubby

I can´t believe it´s been years since I rode a bike. To be exact, the last time I was on a bike was seven years ago, before I met my husband online. It was during one of our school´s out-of-the-city-camps in Thailand.

Look at that big, wide grin. It says it all. ;)

Recently, my husband fixed his mountain bike which was unused for about four years. When it was ready, I tried riding it around the neighborhood and even if it´s too big and tall for my height, I had so much fun. It brought back my good old love for biking.

Unbeknownst to me, hubby was secretly hunting for a woman`s bike. He wanted to get me a bike so we could do biking together. He says it´s boring to bike alone, he wanted a biking partner.

Then yesterday a long, wide box was delivered at my door. And it´s a bike!

Hubby came home early from work, assembled the bike, and I used it right away. He and his jogging partner jogged 8 km in the evening, and for the first time I went with them. Only I was biking.

Our place is quite hilly and mountainous, so there are many parts where it´s a real workout to bike (much more to jog). When you´re biking up a really elevated slope-y hill, there´s no stopping until you get to the top. Oh, how exhausting! But stopping and giving up aren´t options, or I would have to push the bike to the top.

I remember the fashion bikes I blogged at the pro blog many years back, they´re city bikes and even if they look really gorgeous, they won´t work in where I live.

But I do plan to buy my bike a basket and mimic the look of fashion cruiser bikes, and then use it for my upcoming pictorial for a product review. Yes, another product to review, and this time it´s sunglasses. So stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My Outfit: Black and White Striped Sweater Dress

It´s officially fall over here; the weather has abruptly switched to chilly + gloomy. Although I love fall, it used to send me a signal of fear, that winter is coming. I used to dread (read: hate) winter. My first winter sent me to depression.

But no more!

I sent this photo to my mom via Facebook message and she wasn´t able to identify me. I´m at the center wearing a black and white sweater dress and a wide grin. Smiling with me are my sisters in faith.

The last couple of fall and winter were smooth for me. Probably, that´s because I´ve adjusted already and I´m quite settled with my work, which is blogging. And of course, there is hubby who does everything to make me happy. I really have no reason to get depressed in winter, other than that the freezing temperature forces me to stay indoor most of the time. Think about it, it´s going to be my fifth winter already.

When it´s chilly outdoor, out are the pieces for layering. This is actually the fun part of fall, the layering!

So you can see me here, in the groupie above, wearing my new black and white stripe sweater dress from Mango. I call it “new” because it´s the first time it´s saying “hi” to the world, especially to my blog audience, but I actually got it last fall although I did not have the opportunity to wear it.

I layered it with black tights, complete with black pointed toe pumps. I like how the black on black makes me look like wearing thigh-high boots. Yay! I also added a slim pink designer belt, which I got from the now defunct my-wardrobe online boutique, to add a hint of color.

I like sweater dresses because they´re easy to wear and they offer many possibilities for layering.

When the temperature drops further, I add a cozy black jacket and swap the pumps for black knee-high heeled boots. Sometimes I wrap a black wool scarf on my neck, sometimes a pink.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Outfit: Comfy Leopard Print Pants

If there´s one thing that would describe my style as a fashion blogger, that would be, “The fashion blogger whose expertise is animal print.”

Google took me seriously because of my detailed articles on giving tips on how to wear animal print. My most popular post was first published here on my personal blog, which I moved to the big blog when I decided to go pro.

You see, I am very passionate when it comes to this exotic print, and it hurts me that the Kardashians seem to abuse this print and make it look cheap. Animal print + the Kardashians = negative chemical reaction.

I mean, I´m no Kardashian fan, definitely, I never read any news or articles about them, that I winced when I accidentally heard one of them on TV claiming that they are very much animal print patronizers. Well? But yeah, this is a free world.

Anyhoo, even if I adore animal print—leopard and snake print in particular—I don’t abuse it. The reason simply is, when you overdo it, you´ll look matronly, and certainly CHEAP.

Take a look at this comfy + casual outfit I wore for a stroll around the neighborhood with my hubby. It´s a nice cotton trouser which is perfect for a warm summer day. It´s nice that it has side pockets and that it´s a slim fit towards the cuffs.

I wore it with a white top featuring black floral necklace detailing. When I posed with this big trunk of tree, the result is dramatic.

I definitely love it!

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My Outfit: Blue Polka Dot Dress

This blue and white polka dot dress is my most favorite dress in my closet. I rarely wear it because I don´t want to wear-it-out, I want to preserve it, but I do rock it to special events when wearing a short dress is okay and I wanna feel pretty.

There are dresses and shoes that simply make you feel pretty when you slip into them. For me, it´s this little frock.

I found this dress in one of the high-end boutiques in Bangkok which I frequented when I was still living there, and I still very much remember the day when I first saw it.

It was on a mannequin, and I gasped when I spotted it. I didn´t let it go.

In this picture, I wore it with my pair of tan, peep-toe cut-out boots which rise until mid-calf, and a neutral brown leather tote bag.

I captioned this photo with, “With my mother-in-law in the middle of nowhere”, of which a friend commented, "it must be a very beautiful no-where".

Yeah, look at those vivid green in the background, which makes my MIL´s red dress really pop up. This is the most liked and most commented photo I got in my Facebook private account. I guess it must be really gorgeous.

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Monday, August 31, 2015

I´m Falling In Love to This: Carvela Gillow Lace Up Knee High Gladiator Sandals

You know that moment when you see a product and you´re like—oh, this is so me!? It just happened to me, about two minutes ago, when I saw this gladiator sandal. It. Is. So. Me.

I like dramatic shoes, the kind of shoes I´d wear with my little dresses, mini skirts and shorts. When I wear them, it´s no longer about my legs, or my outfit, it´s almost always about them.

My outfits are usually one statement-a-time. If I wear this lace-up stilettos, and it´s the only statement in my look, it´s enough. Picture me styling it with a plain white quarter-sleeve top, black high-waist dress shorts, and a red satchel bag.

Coveted, right?

My Outfit: Girly Bolero Cardigan + Pink Jaguar Animal Print Dress

One of my favorite key pieces for layering is roomy bolero cardigans. Basically, they are boleros in terms of the style of their sleeves, although unlike the typical bolero cardigan which sleeves are fitted, they have that wide roomy opening on the sleeves, which makes them like a cross between bolero and poncho cardigans.

I don´t know if that makes sense, but I know what I want once I see it. The cardigans I have with this style right now are the ones I got from Thailand. I´ve tried finding something similar here in Europe but to-date, I still haven´t found one.

I love using these bolero-poncho-cardi-something for late spring or early fall, on top of a spaghetti strap dress, just to create that comfy blousy look on top.

You can see me here wearing one of my fave cardis, in gray, layered on a pink/black jaguar print empire waist dress.

You can also see me smiling ear to ear while posing with baby Angelina, who has such cute pair of cheeks that I want to pinch. She´s so cute with her really chubby cheeks and wide brown eyes. She´s a German-Filipina baby.

I like posing with babies every time I have an opportunity because hopefully, it will make me have my own too. Lol.

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My Favorite Exercise Haven is Nature

Hi girls! You know, there are a lot of things that I want to share to you, but with my too busy schedule (thanks to my biting on foods more than I could chew), I´m usually exhausted at the end of the day. Even if I really like to sit with you and chat like the good old times—forget journalism, SEO and choosing the right title to catch attention and gets picked-up by google (hey! Did I check on all those?)—I just shake my head, close my laptop and choose to prioritize sleep.

Anyhoo, I´d like to share to you one thing that I do which keeps me sharp focus and motivated in what I do. Working from home exposes me to a lot of challenges but the biggest is that I don´t have a boss. The irony of it is, I love working from home because I don´t have a boss, but I also hate it that I don´t have a boss. I can easily slack around (and get burned wasting time in Facebook) if I don´t feel like working, and I can easily forget the tasks for the day once I start folding the laundry.

But what I do instead is I take a walk, and I usually do that in the morning. Walking in nature gives me that much needed space to think, and to focus on the bigger picture of my career. Now, I´m lucky to live in a tiny city with beautiful sceneries. We have a nearby forest park, and we have three options of path to take if we go for a jog or a walk. I like walking in the morning because it makes me sharp-focus throughout the day. But yesterday, before the warm weekend ended, hubby and I went biking in the sunset.

It looks like hubby is biking towards the sky. Do you see that white opening close to his head?

I realized that going out to nature in the sunset is just as fun as doing it early in the morning.

Embracing nature, whenever + wherever possible, is a great way to bond with your special someone, or with yourself. Nature is also the best place to do exercise and have fun without necessarily shedding a dime.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

I´m Falling in Love to This: Polka Dot Travel Tote Bag

Black and white monochrome continues to be an unbeatable versatile trend that transitions between seasons. But when it comes to monochrome prints and patterns, polka dot remains my best pick-me-up. I don´t care if all the vogue stylists, writers and socialites out there would claim that one shouldn´t wear polka dots unless she´s in grade 3 or under. Polka dot is a powerful and most-chic print you can ever have if you know how to rock it well.

That said, I´m sharing this polka dot tote bag that I found from Tommy Hilfiger. Tote bag is one of my favorite companions when travelling … actually I usually bring with me three bags when I´m traveling—a satchel, a tote, and a small cross body bag. Lately, the tote bag that I´ve been using mostly for my adventures is an orange/nude one and I think it would be happy to rest for say, two summers, and be taken over by this black and white polka dot.

Oh, I just can´t resist it!