Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Surprise Baby Shower for Our Bundle of Joy

Last Saturday I had one of the biggest surprises in my life … a surprise baby shower!

Hubby and I were supposed to spend our afternoon strolling in the city because it was nice weather when we received a call from my mother-in-law to go to her place for something important. When we arrived, ta-daaaa … my MIL´s friends were waiting for us with their gifts.

I was really touched by their thoughtfulness, I never expected a shower party for my baby. I`m not used to people remembering me and giving me gifts. I didn´t get a bachelorette party for my wedding, didn´t receive wedding gifts from my colleagues, friends and family, not even a “congratulation” from aunts and relatives, na-da. Not that it was a biggie (definitely NOT if you aren´t expecting anything in the first place), but receiving lots of monetary wedding gifts from my husband´s side – his German friends, German colleagues and former colleagues, and Filipina aunts – made me compare.

Note: During the time when we got married I was living and working in Bangkok, Thailand, while my husband was already living in Germany where he grew up. We had the wedding in the Philippines. I only got to meet the people from my husband´s side who gave us gifts half a year after the wedding.

I´m a kind of person who, for most of my life, was used to giving but not to receiving. I gave and gave but very rarely take.

The chiffon cake + hopia (with unions) are some of my usual cravings during this pregnancy.

The only person who made me feel special and spoiled me with gifts is my husband. Since our dating days and until/after getting married, he´s showered me with flowers + chocolates, gifts, love and care, and of course, lots of attention. And then there´s also my mother-in-law who´s generous in giving me gifts on my birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and randomly in-between.

But to have some friends, who aren´t even very close to me, organize a baby shower for my soon-to-be-here baby was a foreign experience for me. I couldn´t hide my happiness. I was full of gratitude.

The gifts they got for me were mostly basic but crucial things for a newborn and a new mom right after giving birth. Many of the things they gave me I didn´t even know about, so they also oriented me on how to use them or what they´re for.

Nope, Joseph the cat wasn´t one of the gifts. :)
And we´re having a boy. Like daddy like baby socks.
Our cat Orange also joined the party.
Ate Pinky, a mother of two + the organizer for the suprise baby shower, giving me some briefing.

They also baked my favorite cake, the chiffon, and the hopia with union fillings known as “Hopia Baboy” in the Philippines. Certainly lots of thoughtfulness they had for me. What a beautiful day I got.

Monday, May 30, 2016

How to Style Up a Leopard Print Tiered Skirt

How do you style a leopard print skirt? I´ve been asked this question many times in the past and I´ve answered it in many ways and forms too.

I was at 28 weeks but my friends said I didn´t look pregnant in this outfit.

In one of my latest shopping in flea markets, I got this leopard tiered mini skirt. Now I´m a big fan of animal print and I like adding a hint of wildness to my look every now and then, so it´s a no brainer to buy the skirt. In fact, this skirt is one size bigger my normal size.

But as you know I´m currently preggy and now on my third trimester, one size bigger my normal size is the way to go. I also like the stretchy nature of the skirt´s belt band to accommodate my belly.

I wore the skirt to a one-day holiday escape hubby and I did in Frankfurt. We left our city early in the morning and came back late in the evening. It was a little cold and rainy in our city that day, and we expected a similar weather in Frankfurt. So for our outfits, we went for spring lightweight layering. Turned out it was warmer in Frankfurt that day. Jackets were taken off for the rest of the day.

I wore a white graphic tee with my leopard print tiered skirt, black stockings, black oxford flat shoes, and pulled everything together with a brown leather jacket. I also added a nude satchel bag. This outfit is pretty much tonal, it´s more about toning toning the print down. But the result is quite elegant while casual chic.

While waiting for our order.

We pretty much spent the day shopping. I got some maxi dresses and stretchable skirts from Zara, my husband got some summer pants and jeans, and we also bought some newborn clothes for our baby.

On a train to Frankfurt.

We had lunch at a Japanese restaurant, and we finished the day with some ice-cream.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My Birthday Outfit – Snake Print Button Down + Brown Dress Shorts

Have you heard of the superstitious that Friday the 13th is unlucky? I don´t believe in it. I´ve celebrated my birthday on a Friday several times throughout my life and it´s always a blessing. That said, I recently turned 33. And three is my lucky number!

I believe this 33rd year of my life is one of the luckiest. A proof is that I´ll be a first-time mother at this age. We´ll be having our first born this summer and I couldn´t be more thankful. I look forward to many more blessings, as well as challenges, which this year will bring to me and my little family.

Hubby and I celebrated my birthday by lunching at a Chinese restaurant. As a birthday girl, my buffet was free. Hubby came home from work, at around one in the afternoon, with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. I didn´t expect him to bring home flowers yet again, for a few days earlier he also gave me a rose as my first ever Mother´s Day greetings. But since I love flowers, I was elated.

He also gifted me a fedora hat a week earlier as a birthday gift, while his mom gave me a Clinique lipstick in color that I love - the wow pink.

I really had a great time for my birthday and I thanked God for it.

For my outfit, I braved a pair or brown, silk dress shorts teamed with a silk, snake-print button down and a pair of tall brown boots. I finished the look with my favorite mustard yellow satchel.

My bump was pretty much showing in the outfit. I was at the end of my 27th week that day.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Second Trimester Pregnancy Outfits

At the end of this week I will be entering the third trimester of my pregnancy. It awes me how time flies and how the nine months journey of pregnancy doesn´t actually feel that long, at least that´s how it feels for me thus far.

So I thought that before I bade farewell to the golden trimester of pregnancy I better go back to all the outfits I wore the past three months. All these outfits are clothes from my pre-pregnancy closet. I didn´t shop for pregnancy clothes, and even the few dresses I bought while pregnant are dresses that I will certainly wear post pregnancy.

Week 19
Week 19: Black and White Stripe Dress 

This b&w stripe dress is a sleeveless summer dress which I layered with a purple cardigan for an indoor outfit. This photo was taken on a winter day so this wouldn´t work outdoor.

Week 20
Week 20. Little Gray Dress 

For a first taste of spring, I layered a little gray dress with cowl neck with a black and white leopard print cardigan (which I could no longer close due to the bump), a pair of dark gray leggings, a brown leather jacket, and I finished the look with some high-top sneakers that are so comfy for a stroll at the park. I also added a black infinity scarf to keep my neck warm.

Week 20

Fit and Flare Polka Dot Dress

That weekend hubby and I were invited to the first birthday party of Angie, my friend´s blessed baby who arrived while my friend was 42 years old! I wore a sleeveless fit and flare dotted dress which, luckily, has a stretchable bodice to accommodate my growing belly. I layered it with a black pullover.

Baby Angie was so lucky to have a warm weather for her birthday. The temperature hit 20 degrees so that we´re able to have outdoor pictorial.

Week 21

Week 21: Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is 2016`s pantone color. Digging deep in my closet I found this rose quartz knitted sweater dress which I have never worn because it used to make me look too thin pre-pregnancy. Now that I have gained a few kilos and with a showing bump, the dress fitted perfectly.

I layered it with a dark brown floral silk scarf, some black tights, a pink leather jacket, and some maroon lace-up ankle boots for spring.

Week 23
Week 23: Printed Velvet Cardigan

This photo was rather spontaneous. Hubby and I did cat sitting for our two cats in the garden and he took some baby bump photos for me. I was wearing my house clothes, a comfy knitted sweater in mint with some comfy, red plaid shorts, and I swapped my winter slippers for these (for the garden) flat brown boots. I also threw over a printed velvet cardigan which is my favorite.

Week 23
Week 23. Biker Look

Really loving this biker look I created for my bump. This outfit features Calvin Klein leather boots, Zara leather jacket, X=ACT sweater dress (a popular brand in Thailand), and Picard satchel.

Week 24
Week 24. Print on Print Monochrome

I matched a floral print Mango sweater with a Mango plaid mini skirt (both monochrome) for an appointment with my OB. Because it snowed that day, I finished the look with some tall boots and an army coat.

Week 24
Week 24: Pashmina Scarf

My spring layering turned out to be not warm enough for the weather that day, but it was too late to go home and change, so I wrapped myself with a two-sided thick pashmina scarf to protect my baby bump from the cold. The scarf became the main statement of this look.

Week 24
Sweater Dress with Flutter Sleeves

For a fridate with hubby, I layered a fave knitted sweater dress with flutter sleeves with all black – pullover, scarf, tights, and oxford flat shoes.

Week 24

Paisley Print Mini Dress

This mini dress which I got from a flea market quickly became a favorite of mine. It´s so, so gorgeous that it can be layered nicely for spring or worn as is for summer. Because it´s empire waist, it catered my already big bump.

Week 25
Week 25. LBD with Houndstooth Blazer

Hubby´s second cousin, who´s also his goddaughter, had her first communion last week. For the event, I dressed up a stretchy little black dress with black stockings, a houndstooth print blazer (sleeves rolled up) from Mango, snake print high heels with ankle strap from H&M, and a pink pop Valentino satchel.

Little Black Dress

This LBD was gifted to me by a friend in Bangkok. My hubby loves how it looked on me before I got pregnant, but the dress turned out to be also gorgeous for my bump because of its stretchy material. I just love how it shows off my bump. I accessorized it with a slim mono print scarf and of course, the snake print stilettos.

Week 26
Week 26
Week 26. Oversized Purple Sweater Dress

I love plenty of oversized pieces because of how comfortable they feel. This purple sweater is one of them; I got it from H&M last year and it´s just perfect for my bump. In order to balance the boxy look, I paired the sweater with some nude slim boots.

So that´s about my pregnancy outfits for second trimester. Remember that they´re mostly outfits for spring. I´ll be showing more in summer so expect me wearing maxi dresses and lots of airy mini dresses.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Travel Packing Tips for Light and Stylish Holiday

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You would think that because we are women, packing lightly and looking stylish are two things that belong on different sides of the spectrum but contrary to popular belief, it really is possible to travel light and still manage to pack stylish pieces to make your holiday Instagram worthy.

With all of our options for layering, mixing and matching, donning ballet pumps and all of those lightweight materials, packing light is definitely easier for us when you think about it, you just have to learn how to fold well and know what you are going to wear. The following tips will help you master the art of traveling light in style.


As women, we are fortunate to have so many beautiful materials to play up our look from silk, lace and delicate cotton. All of these materials which transpire in elegant blouses or shorts, chic midi skirts and sleek trousers are all light weight pieces that won't take too much space in your luggage. Fold such light pieces well and roll them at the end so they don't crease and you will find that they take half the space of denim pieces or one bulky jacket.


Channel chic vibes and make your life easier when packing by adding more one outfit pieces rather than a lot of separates. Go for dresses, jumpsuits and playsuits that suit your body. These one piece outfits will take less space than two items.


Another way of having several outfit options on holiday without packing your whole wardrobe is by choosing style pieces that go together, so that you will be able to layer, mix and match and have a different outfit for everyday of your holiday.


Accessories are just as important for a stylish girl going on holiday but packing your entire jewelry collection isn't practical (not to mention the fact that it is risky). Choose jewelry pieces that will go with most of your outfits, add a scarf and keep your sunglasses on you so that you will be covered throughout your holiday.


Hairsprays and the hair dryer, lotions, make up and even perfumes if you have — travelling sized packages are your friends and you should take advantage of them. You are going to be on holiday so you won't need a whole bottle of shampoo or the whole of your make-up case. Stick to the essentials and reduce the bulk.


Speaking of bulk, when you start going for lightweight materials and traveling sized packages you will find that you have enough space to bring along a bulky piece with you. Whether that is a pair of heels or a wide brim hat, a classic coat or a pair of boots, it will definitely be easier to add a bulky piece once you have packed so many lightweight pieces.

About the Author: Jae Rustia is a fashion junkie by day and a reader by night. Find her on Twitter @JaeRustia.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Military-Chic Combo for an End-Winter Casual Date with Hubby

I recently celebrated the arrival of spring, but guess what? It still is very much winter in my side of the world – cold, rainy and freezing windy – that I guess the slang “crappy weather” is becoming a daily part of my vocabulary. Yay!

However, just before winter officially ended, on our calendar at least, my husband affectionately asked me out for a Friday lunch date to celebrate the weekend. I even got to choose the place, and because preggy me loves yummy healthy foods, I picked the popular vegetarian restu in our city.

My husband works really long hours during the week but he gets to go home early on Fridays, at two in the afternoon. That´s the reason why Friday afternoons are usually a date-time for us.

One of the things that I love to do is walking and I continue to do so while pregnant. For the Friday date meet-up, I walked from our place to the city which took me 45 minutes using the short-cut in the woods, while hubby drove straight from his work to the city. I feel good whenever I get to walk long.

As for my outfit, I wore the army green jacket my husband got for me at Zara during our Würtzburg escapade early this month. I love this jacket because it´s roomy and comfortable for my growing baby bump. Finally, my favorite black parka could rest for now, it´s a little tight already around the belly area.

I wore a gray hoodie and gray wool shorts under the jacket, very basic and comfy, teamed up with black tights, nude pashmina scarf, and brown suede knee-high boots. I carried a lemon yellow satchel too. While my outfit is more about comfort than style, putting a little thought on the color combination, which is pretty much military-chic with a hint of girly-ness, keeps the look still stylish albeit casual. Even my tortoise eyeglasses with yellow green accents on the side matched the color combo!

The delish vegetarian meal we enjoyed + the green and orange smoothies actually made me wished that I could be more creative with the vegetables I prepare at home. But if I cook as great as at the restu, then it diminishes the excitement of eating out, right?

Btw, the green smoothie was mine and it tasted much better than the orange.