Saturday, April 25, 2009

for sexy denim shorts freak

If you'll meet me for a cup of coffee, or for a window shopping, or for a movie, or for a date at a park, you can always guess what I'm wearing when I show up - that's a pair of gorgeous denim shorts.

A lot of my gal friends are jealous that I feel so comfy and carefree in denim short shorts. They'll say "how I wish I got those legs, flawless and sexy". Then I'll ask them to let me see their legs, and guess what?, i can't find anything wrong with those very legs that they are so shy of.

There's one secret that I confess to my girl friends whenever this subject arise. My legs aren't flawless at all. They just appear flawless. Why? Because, I bare so much skin that people will have trouble scanning for flaws. That's right. Once you wear shorts, and you walk with confidence, people will see the beauty as a whole and the grace you exude. Not the flaws. So cheer up, be confident and wear shorts.

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