Sunday, May 17, 2009

scarves for women and ways to wear 'em

Scarf is a very versatile accessory. It can transform an outfit from a casual chic look into an elegant look or vice-versa. For a formal outfit to be transformed into a casual chic, it simply is a matter of choosing the perfect scarf that would fit for the desired look and wear it accordingly.

Here are the most common ways of wearing scarves for women.

Take a long scarf preferably cotton made with a considerable thickness. Gather them together by the palm along its length, hold it at the middle of the scarf and hang it at the back of your neck. Then tie them loosely in front of you. Take one end and insert it around the part tied around your neck at the right side, then take the other end and do the same at the left side of your neck. Move the the scarf around to adjust to let one end rest in front.

Hold the the scarf at the middle and let it hang in front of you. Then swing one end over your right shoulder and swing the other over your left shoulder. Catching both ends by each hand [so that both ends met and passed through the back of your neck] pull them together down in front of you. You will get a perfect picture wear of the scarf just like the girl above.

This is a simple but timeless way of wearing a scarf. [almost like a shawl]

Some scarf can be worn simply by letting them hang over the neck, untied.

This scarf is perfect for a long neck.

This is possible for some large square scarves. Fold the scarf into two and tie both ends at the back of the neck.

Simply tie the scarf around the neck, let one end hang in front and the other hang at the back.

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