Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How to wear trapeze shapes?

Does everyone here know what is a "trapeze" A line? Hmmm, i bet some of you don't. Well, trapeze is something that is tight on the bust and extends freely as it reaches the hemline. It does look like letter A. There are a variety of trapeze shapes - trapeze dresses, coats or blouses.

Stella Kae said it right that trapeze shapes can be a little intimidating when you are used with tailored styles. Thus, she provided some tips on how to wear trapeze.

If you have thick arms, wear a sleeved style, or layer over a t-shirt. If you're very busty, try a trapeze shirt or dress in a stretchy jersey with a scoop neck. If you're very thin or small chested, try a stiff trapeze shift dress or top with spaghetti straps. If you're very tall and find that trapeze dresses are a little shorter than intended on you, try layering up with some tight denim underneath. To avoid looking pregnant in this silhouette, avoid overly exaggerated trapeze garments with multiple layers.


  1. Hey Gleen...this is such fantastic information for all women.
    So many woman have no clue how to accentuate their assets with clothing styles.
    I am in New York right now and OH MY...what horrendous fashion statements here :)
    Again thanks for the ever so helpful tips :)

  2. Interesting designs. I guess it derives from the shape of a trapezium maybe.

    Great blog template btw :)

  3. hey D! Just be careful or you might run against the sex and the city fashionistas. lol.

  4. So be it...I do not quite think Sex & the City is all that...they tend to be into the shock look if anything else or maybe a cross between The Jetsons & The Matrix:)

    Ug... fashion here is all about the is Jesus sandals or stilettos ...clothes way to small for the tummies being exposed...oh and let us not forget the Latte:)

  5. Seriously is everyone is out for themselves here in fashion.
    It goes from sloppy to elegant:)

  6. Yeah? that's intersting to know D :) I'm actually trying to peek into New york's fashion right now - online. lol.


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