Friday, June 26, 2009

Latest runway trend from all over the world

Some tribal statement

green ensembles
London pattern trend



New York Fashion Trend

New York Summer Trend

Glamed up panties


Models present an ensemble as part of the Kaviar Gauche Autumn Winter 2009 collection, during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, Thursday Jan. 29, 2000
Korean Fashion Trend 2009
The Korean wave also known as "Hallyu"

Metro wear

Proud race - unique, innovative and creative

Style break - cutting their way through the 80's punk trend

Sao Paulo Fashion Week - Brazil Beach Wear

a creation of Aqua de Coco

Bangkok Fashion Week 2009

Japan Fashion week S/S NORIKO FUKUSHIMA


Ailurophile said...

Amazing designs and images. Thanks for stopping by my blog too, and your kind words about my brother's health. They are much appreciated :)

Dorothy L said...

Goodness Gleen...I want them all. I tried to pick just one even two....but I couldn't. So you can buy them all for me :)

gleenn said...

lol D! That's right, they're just all so glamorous and sexy :)

Zhys said...

blogwalking.. don't forget to visit my blog please....

Dorothy L said...

Ok..I want the red Plaid outfit..Every time I pop in that outfit screams my name :)

kani said...

Hi friend u r blog nice...pls cm again by indianrocksstar