Thursday, June 11, 2009

wedding dresses for the biggest once in a life...

I and my boyfriend still have so many things to consider before deciding to get married. But for several occasions, wedding did come to our discussions. Where, when and how to wed are the basic start up questions for such talks.

I am always into a small private wedding and I picture my biggest day to be in an exclusive place in a beach or an island. While most ladies wish to wed in a big church followed by some extravagant receptions, mine is pictured to be a solemn and a peaceful ceremony surrounded by only immediate families and the closest of all close friends.

In such times when wedding is in mind, the thought of wedding gowns is the most exciting thing. What design should I choose? Should I buy my own gown so I would have a remembrance? Or should I just rent so that it would be practical? ‘Cause it would be used only once anyway.

Talking about wedding gowns, here are some designs that I found fascinating.


  1. I like the third is not to much and yet still so very lady like:)

  2. i find the last one much more cute.. :) great post. =)

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