Friday, July 17, 2009

choker that completes your fashion statement

The first time appreciated the beauty of a choker was when I saw the movie "Maid in Mahattan". Jennifer Lopez showed up in the party like Cinderella did wearing a fabulous set of choker and earrings. It was the color of her gown that made her stood against all socialites around. When everyone wore dark colors such as black and dark blue, J.Lo wore something light. But among all her jewelries, it was the choker that completed her attire.

In our denomination, women are not advised to wear jewelries. Proof on me is the fact that i don't have any peircings not even for earrings. But talking about chokers is a little bit debatable. While I don't wear chokers made of metals or stones, I wear something made of clothes; more like a scarf.

Can you guess which of the following chokers would work for me? Let me know.

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  1. What beauties Gleen. I love the necklaces...they are so romantic!


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