Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Photos of the murdered swim suit model Jasmine Fiore

I felt so sad reading the most shaking news right now, the murder of the swim suit model Jasmine Fiore. It is sickening to imagine how ruthless and how devilish the murder was. She was found dead, naked, stocked in a suit case and thrown in a dash bin.

She was a swim suit model. Sure, she also used to post for Playboy and she also allegedly worked in a strip club [as I read in one article and that I am yet to confirm] but she does not deserve to be mocked despite her death just for the sake of writing something captivating titles like “Death is an excuse to say ‘naked’”.

Based from what a neighbor said about her, I gathered she was a warm person with a good heart. To leave a welcome note on a neighbor’s door that just moved in is very admirable attitude to me. And yet, we never know what happened to her short union with husband Ryan Alexander Jenkins, a reality TV contestant, who is now being chased by cops for interrogations. Get the news here.

Moreover, a text may just turn out to be a lead to trace the murderer. But at the same time, who knows if it would also bare an illicit affair. Read the story here.





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