Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My out of town at Pattaya

It was quite a loooooooooong time since my last post. I’m terribly sorry to my dear readers, friends and droppers for not keeping up with their drops; however, I knew that I’ll make it up to all them once I get all my time back. Well, that’s a bit dramatic but I certainly was the busiest creature on Earth in the past three weeks. First, classes started and I had to keep up with the submission of syllabi and paper work deadlines (expect the lesson planning fuss). And second, my boyfriend came to spend his two weeks’ vacation with me (as you know, we live a long distance relationship) and thus, work and relationship together can eat all my time up and leave my blogs mainly at the corner of my head. But that beats me not. I’ve got all the stuff I want to blog perfectly organized in my mind.

We spent our first weekend at Pattaya. This is the first time for my boyfriend to visit Thailand and he was very curious to explore the city of Pattaya. He heard a lot about it from his friends back in Germany who had had chance to have fun in the place. So we went.

We rented a condo for two nights and the place just turned out perfect, overlooking the sea.



We chose to stay at the outskirt of the beach city called “Jomtien” so we could enjoy more peace and not bumped against a lot of tourists on either side.

This is the guy that I am so in love with. He’s Filipino-German.


I was bragging to him that I’ll make a good photographer. Just see how I captured this beauty of masculine.

I took this photo of him after he had his toe nails done while I had foot massage (I wasn’t happy with the massage though. I hurt my shin because the old lady who gave me a massage was simply scratching her calloused hands on my skin. Yet she was expensive, urggh! My honey was right. I should have gone to a massage parlor instead just on the ground floor of the condo).


I had my back on the camera. I was looking for something.


Yeah, I was seeing the banana boat and was thinking how fun it must be to get a ride. I wanted to have a ride. But Honey said “no”. His practical side ruled.


So I was smiling back at him knowing that he was taking photos of me.


It felt like Bay Watch. Oh, how I loved that show.


  1. WOW many lovely photos. You and your love make a beautiful couple. He is very good looking and matches you well :)

    Being busy is life sweety. Enjoy as much life as you can and do it away from the computer :)
    I love living life through you...LOL

  2. yay! tsarap tsarap!!!! so how were things sis? hehe... i bet it was the most beautiful two weeks of your life, eh? :D

  3. yes it was sis. It felt like a dream. Too quick to absorb all. Gotta wait for another 3 months before the next reunion. :) by christmas.


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