Friday, October 9, 2009

The best way to stay skinny and firm

People wonder why on earth that despite my voracious appetite, I’m as skinny as ever. Probably it is because of a very demanding job that I have, or the extremely speedy metabolism of my body, or simply because of my structure. My appearance eludes my amount of food intake.

Yet, there is something that I love to do that I believe contributes to my being skinny and firm. Whenever opportunity allows, I love to do rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking and boating. During my university days, these activities were like daily snacks [fitted exaggeration], but yeah, I and my good friends always spent our weekends and vacation exploring nature unless otherwise academic pressures prevented us from doing so. Now as an adult juggling my day job, debate, blogging, writing and love life, to be able to do these activities are so rare that they become so precious.

These types of activities are proven effective to stay in shape. Not only that they make you enjoy a lighter and well-defined figure, they also are so much fun to do.




Thanks to Michael Braun for the photos.


  1. I added ur link in my touching friends list check and i hope do u also. inform me back dear dont forget..

  2. You are SO cool! I wish I was good at rock climbing and other outdoor adventures. Good for you!

  3. I could never imagine going rock climbing (I'm very not athletic and I hate heights). You look like you're having fun in those pictures though.

    My appetite isn't really that big, but I stay in shape by dancing a lot (I love dancing) and going for walks. Plus, I think walking to the bus stop and walking around my college campus helps too.

  4. You go are most definitely a woman after my heart...girl I I use to climb for several years back in Canada. Wow what a dejavu feeling to see those photos.
    Word of advice...get better shoes :)

    I just know you had a blast :)

  5. gurl you really look amazing..
    i love it


  6. I adore rock climbing burns tons of calories and build your muscles!

  7. you are right D! the shoes weren;t perfect for climbing. it was really funny because i just went along with my students to the camp not knowing the awaiting activities. i was completely not dressed up to take the heights but because it's a very rare oppurtunity for me these days, i conquered it anyway. good thing this very loyal pair of shoes which i had for 6 yrs now and had been with me through a lot of on-the-spot climbs and hiking was totally dependable. didn't get blasts at all. ;)

  8. I think it's wonderful that you rock climb. I have a slight fear of heights, so I'm not sure whether I would succeed at such a sport or not. Perhaps one of those indoor rock climbing arenas would work better for me. :)

  9. So cool, though I reckon I'm not quite brave enough to do this. Sounds like the best way to exercise though.

  10. I seriously love these should enter them in a contest. They are really unique and good quality photography :)

  11. thanks D! yeah, it's good quality photos because they were taken by a photographer, check my special thanks to him at the bottom of the post. Enter them in a contest? don't know how to, lol. :)

  12. So awesome! I could never do something like that!

  13. What a lovely post! U do have an amazing figure- now we know why : ) Ur pics are divine too!! Hope u are well and having a good day!!

  14. I just came across your site! I loved reading how you rock climb! Although I've never done it before, I'm sure that would be a fantastic way to stay in shape! I wish we had that type of scenery around here, where I live! Anyway, I like your blog!

    Have a wonderful day!

  15. That looks like such a fun workout!!!

  16. omggg looks like so much fun!!!
    i want to go to rock climbing too!


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