Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cindy Crawford: her beauty, her fashion

If there's any top supermodel that I adore so much, that's Cindy Crawford. Her beauty is a signature [thanks to her trademark mole]; is striking and timeless. Whenever I come across any article about her, be it from the web or from magazines, I hunger to devour. It didn't help when I learned that she does not only got the beauty, she also got the brain [Read a little background about her here and learn what she was in her university days].

When I opened my computer this morning I was greeted by the featured photos of her wearing this black combi below. She completely stole my heart. She inspired me to come up with this post.

Cindy Crawford attends the launch party of the Omega 2009 Conste
Cindy sported a black mini dress along with black gladiator shoes when she attended the Omega 2009 Constellation Collection at Almada on October 15, 2009 in London, England.

Creative Fashion

Cindy Crawford attended the opening of the Omega Boutique at The Village Westfield on October15th 2009 in London England 3 [Photos from ].
Creative Fashion
A skirt and and a pair of brassiers weren't enough to cover her perfect figures.
[Photos from here]

Creative Fashion
Cindy wearing some Middle-Eastern style dress.
Creative Fashion
Some of her promotional photos.

Cindy and husband Rande Gerber.


  1. aaaw i love cindy crawford! i always wanted her beauty spot, but black eyeliner always rubs off :(


  2. I've always admired Cindy for her existence in the public and fashion world, why not, for so many many years, when this world that we live in is rough, and in several years you are out, someone new is coming.

    So 10 points go to Cindy:)

    PS: Nice blog!


  3. Cindy Crawford is a legend. So gorgeous, so amazing, and so fabulous. And you're right, incredibly intelligent, which makes her one of my favorite supermodels too! This is a great post. I love all the photos. :)

  4. Cindy will forever be regarded as an icon. Love her look.

    And to answer your question...yes, the knit cuff is actually attached to the bootie! :)

  5. Ooo...I love that gingham body cool!

  6. yap..i love the she carries herself! really an icon!

  7. she looks amazing in the first photo.
    such a gorgeous LBD.
    have you had a good day?

  8. She is wonderful and extraodinarily beautiful, quite an icon!

  9. So true...Cindy Crawford is an amazing beauty and a natural one at that.

    She was gifted with a long slender body and a very unique look.

    I do not doubt that her intelligence matches her beauty. Sh is one of few that chooses to stay out of the light of popularity contests and that in itself shows her level of genuine and intelligent :)

  10. She is such a gorgeous woman! Loving the pictures you posted!

  11. Hey! On the left side of my blog under my followers is a picture link that says The Hottest Blogs are only a click away, and if you click on that it shows my blog roll. I had got to the point a while ago where my blog was so cluttered that this was one of the ways I could organize it better, but anyone who clicks on it is shown my blog roll, and you are on it! :)

  12. Gorgeous woman!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  13. She is absolutely gorgeous! She could dress in a paper bag and still look fab!


  14. She's so gorgeous and she's aged so well. Positively gorgeous!


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