Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's not only what you wear, it's where you go

In as much as getting fabulous is important, choosing where to go to hang out is also necessary. You have to make sure that every dime you spend is reciprocated by the ambiance, service, food, and overall elegance.


I and my girl friends visited Bai Yun, the Best Chinese restaurant in the country.

panoramic view

Photo taken from their website

Dining at the Moon Bar, an open roof top on the 60th floor of the tower, allowed us to behold the panoramic view of the city.

(This is the far end area in the photo above. People prefer to sit here more.)

The view was too fascinating that I, Daisy and Joy felt the chill not until dawn. We enjoyed every moment we had while consuming our fancy meal and washing them down with some restaurant's signature drinks.

We started the night with some juice and finger pick foods.


For the hard meal, we helped ourselves with these delicious courses that even with their presentation alone were so inviting. From the left per serving: kobe beef (5000baht or $150), fish caviar (1500baht or $50), giant scallop (400baht or $12) and foi gra (900baht or $27). Among the four courses we found Kobe beef the best.


We had this drink, Vertigo Sunset; the bar's signature drink to complete our meal.


We were waiting for the dessert in this photo, and when they finally came, they were a surprise.

From the left: brownies and cheesecake, black forest cake in glass, and Tiramisu (a world renowed dessert that sounds like from Japan but has actually originated from Italy).

The restaurant demands that guests should come in a smart casual wear. No torn jeans, sleeveless tops, shorts or flip flops.
Thus we went in proper outfits.



And we were fortunate to meet the head of chefs who personally prepared our meal, Lak.


We had so much fun. The place we went was worth all our dime.




Leah said...

You look so hot. I love kobe beef too.

Tasha said...

Your dress and those purple heels are fabulous! Looks like you and your friends had a lot of fun!

Cafe Fashionista said...

That looks like the most amazing restaurant in the world; and you look gorgeous. I am head over heels for your dress - so beautiful! :)

SUGAR said...

killer cocktails! and amaaazing food! am way jealous, hope you had a great night1


becca. said...

lovely outfit!
you look stunning :)
love you're dress and heels.
and the food looks lovely too, looks like you had a good night :)
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Dorothy L said...

D whistles....:P

Very sexy and what a classy event.
Sexy then add that luxury yacht ....fancy drinks and delicatessen deserts....all add up to an amazing and memorable evening with friends :)

Tara said...

I LOVE your entire outfit! You look so pretty! Your friends look great too. Sounds like you had a fun night out. And those desserts look delicious! I wish I could have been there with all of you. :D

Dylana said...

Cute dress! Love the pics!


Indy said...

I absolutely love your outfit! The shoes and the clutch are gorgeous! You guys look amazing!

I adore your are so stylish!

freedom said...

hi care to x link. your link already add on my blog. please link back me. thanks you :)

Tasha said...

Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog! I'm enjoying being a follower of yours!!

Patty Ann said...

first of all, you girls are hot!!!
second, the view and venue is amazingly beautiful, gosh breath taking
third, the food and drinks are yummy delicious and pretty
and lastly, girls night out is the best!

Little Red said...

You and your friends look beautiful! Gorgeous dresses!