Friday, October 23, 2009

Sea of shoes: a celebrity in the making? And what do you think of her blog?

sea of shoes

Who doesn’t know this girl? Jane Aldridge, 17 years old, the personal-style blogger of Sea of shoes. Her blog is said to have won a Web fashion award and has been featured at teenVogue. The blog is reporting a PR of 6.

I came across Jane’s blog about six months ago when the idea of putting up my own fashion blog transpired. I was completely overwhelmed by all her fashion and glamour and I felt inferior. Why, with all the expensive and branded stuff she was wearing, and with all the shoes, oh so lovely shoes that I covet to wear, wouldn’t I be inferior? Devouring her blog brought me to a world that I would so love to be in yet I wouldn’t dare to be. I work hard for my money; I can’t just waste them all for fashion.

I read an article last night featuring her and her boyfriend. The photo of Jane with her boyfriend together was for the first time seen in her blog after so many inquiries about her relationship came from fans. However, the number of comments below the article was what had caught my attention. Reading the total of 37 comments, I realized that about 85-90% commented against her blog if not her style. Her blog is accused of excessive display of wealth and too much flaunting of what she has. The terms eclectic [can we define it as no originality?] and narcissistic were used. Jane’s mother was also questioned for financing her daughter’s spree fashion. One commenter even questioned what type of people would always brag about their purchases? And that if we can tolerate a seventeen-year-old, what about the mother who also flaunts about what she has in her own blog? [I’m still searching for the mom’s blog, btw]. Some commenter claimed that even though they enjoyed her blog because it inspires them to dream, they feel uncomfortable with too much wealth displayed. They think that she lives an unrealistic life, spending for her clothes for nothing, and shopping everyday with an endless bank account.

sea of shoes

Now, here is what I think. First, I don’t have anything about her style. Even if she wears an ugly baggy yellow pants, if she looks good in it, that is what I call fashion. It’s a skill that not everyone is blessed. Second, if she does display an excessive amount of wealth, it is her right. She does not violate any law. Also, if a lot of people enjoy having a glimpse of her closet, why stop them? Let them enjoy. Third, if she came to the point of choosing home schooling as an alternative for normal school just so she can have her own time and manage blogging, I don’t think that is for nothing. Did you know that one of the best advices for aspiring designers or models is to start their own fashion blog? And don’t you think she is just getting such popularity and is a celebrity in the making?

People at some point in their lives are not contented with what they have. They tend to indulge themselves with everything and anything that they have passion about. This includes fashion. And actually, more people are victims of this. They are the uncontrolled shopaholics [myself used to be, I'm a shopaholic no more]. Fact is, it is a need that has to be satisfied. Once met, some people just casually step out of it. Other people however need some professional help to aid them to overcome this indulgence [as with Rebecca Bloomwood in the Confessions of a Shopaholic]. But for those who never overcame this crisis, they find themselves financially ruined at their later years.

As for the sea of shoes, she might encourage her fans, especially the young ones to spend their money and try to dress the way she does. Through her blog, she shows her readers a world that might not exist in the first place, or a world that is beyond reach. If the reader is a self-actualized person, she is not affected. She can take a step back and see that the real world is completely different. But those who are still in the process of self-actualizing, they are in danger.

To sum it all, Jane does have a great blog, she is stylish, and she is blessed with wealth. It is the responsibility of the readers to see what is real and what is not, what is within reach and what is not, and what is worthy of their money.


  1. Yeah she is awesome, one of my favorite fashion blogs. ^^

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  2. I think I may be the only blogger who doesn't really like her that much.
    I think she's adorable and her clothes are fantastic, but...that's it. Over the past year I have come across so many more blogs that are way more creative and and unique. There are so many more interesting fashion bloggers out there that would be just as famous (if not more) if they had the money for an expensive camera, a personal photographer, and publicity.
    I don't know, I've always been the girl who favored the underdog over the prize poodle. Lol.

  3. I agree with you... it's a free world. She can do anything in her blog. If she has the money to splurge, then so be it.

  4. as in jud ang ka nice:) have a great day fashionable gleen:)

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