Saturday, October 31, 2009

Who hates J.Lo? Will love Sweetface and Justsweet

Jennifer Lopez is actually my No. 1 favorite hollywood star. I'm not certain what is that in her that magnetizes me; perhaps her eyes that are very emotive, her figure that is very appealing, her new definition of "sexiness" as not being thin, her dance moves, her voice, or her climb to stardom. Whatever it is, I just love her a lot. Unfortunately, I met a lot of friends and I heard quite some people telling me on my face that they don't like her because she's a nag, an ill-mannered "who-the-hell-she-thinks-she-is". But whatever they tell me, it doesn't change my admiration of her.

I do know that there are issues coming about her behavior such as the story I read from a magazine where a club GRO whom George Clooney had a date revealed that George has expressed to her how he hated J.Lo and that how bad he felt that he had to kiss her for the sake of their movie, but those actually, were not confirmed and were not reliable.

But instead of people talking about whether she is a nag or not, people are now talking about her new clothing lines, first which is the Sweet face and the recent is the Justsweet.


This black turtle-neck dress worn with a black hose and black boots has totally smitten me.


J.Lo also proves that she can wear her own designs. Thus, she gives a comparison of how a model and how the designer wears it.


It seems she also campaigns for reusing. Notice her jeans and boots [i love them both they're perfect together].


I think this dress looks better when the shoulders are left exposed.


Notice how the hat gave a different look for the same white dress.


The design of this pink dress is actually not new, I've seen a lot of similar cross back exposed dresses, but still it looks sweet and sophisticated on her.


Is this dress actually a maternity or a wedding dress? Could you please help me decide.


And oh, they're just so sweet.


  1. I like J.Lo too. I've been a fan of hers since I saw Selena (I still love that movie). I think she is a very talented actress, a cool singer with a lot of great songs (I sing Waiting For Tonight at karaoke all the time), and best of all; the woman knows how to dress! I love her outfits and her clothing lines.

    I used to drool over her J.Lo line at Macy's all the time. I could never afford anything from it, but I sure enjoyed trying the clothes on! Her more recent Sweetface and Justsweet lines seem a little more budget-friendly though. Maybe I'll look into getting some pieces from them soon.

  2. oh Tara, it's same with me. I totally fell in love with her in Selena, although, her movie that I ever first saw was "the cell".

    And yes, the woman knows how to dress. And she makes a good designer too. ;)

  3. hello very nice fashion dear friends :)

  4. To be quite honest, I've never paid much attention to Jennifer Lopez; but I quite love that gray sweater dress from Sweetface. I may just have to check these lines out. Gorgeous! :)

  5. gotta love jlo, she is the original diva!!


  6. I have always admired Lopez for being proud of her curvy body. It's kind of refreshing these days. Her new clothing line looks FABULOUS. :)

  7. That white gown looked like a maternity gown on her. I guess empire cuts are not meant for her.

  8. waah! j.lo love her:)

    thanks fashoinable gleenn for the concern and prayers!

    much love, tejan

  9. I have always liked Jennifer Lopez. Its nice to see her sporting her own designs. It adds a bit more of a personal touch. She is an absolute beauty :)

  10. Hey hun! Hope u had a good weekend : ) I luv JLO too and shes looking even more stunning lately!! : ) xxx

  11. I love the white dress. It looks very pretty!

  12. I like J Lo - her latina vibe brings something different to the whole hollywood scene.

  13. aww . i think she's a great actress ! she's so good in acting and i also love what she wears :)


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