Saturday, November 21, 2009

Celebrity outfit: can you guess who's wearing this?

Look: Who's wearing bedazzled Miu Miu knee-high socks?

Clue: Her sweetheart is someone who can't seem to pose without opening his mouth.

Opinion: I think that there are just too much sparkly in this outfit, too much statement, which includes the hair. Does this celebrity really think she's doing an editorial fashion? If I were to wear these on the streets, I'd take the jacket and the socks separately. I would both take the jacket off and replace it with same length black jacket to give emphasis on the socks or I would take off both the shoes and socks and replace them with either black or dark brown knee-high boots to give emphasis on the jacket.

Look: who's wearing these sickness-inducing patterned pants?

Clue: she's a former "Hills" hottie who landed a gig in the fashion industry.

Opinion: I don't have anything against the pants and the shoes, in fact, i love them. But it's that gray sweater that destroyed the outfit. If I were her, I'd replace the top with a long empire cut or body hugging black top just enough to cover the crouch area. A black top would transform this combi into an elegant one.

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