Friday, November 27, 2009

Smart Tips on Shopping for a Block Friday or Cyber Monday

The cyber world is so packed up with all the Block Friday and Cyber Monday adds. Anywhere you turn you see banners screaming out "Sale, sale, sale". You receive emails informing you of coupons and discount prices here and there. Tremendous amount of offers just fall on your lap and they can just be so enticing. Afterall, isn't shopping the girls' biggest weakness?

Look: A wonderful giveaway for your skin care from Perricone.

Hell Bunny Club Kid Top

Hell Bunny Purple Net Dress

Hell Bunny Corset Back Lacey Dress

Iron Fist Love Hurts Purple Leopard Shoes

Above are the dresses that I would love to slide myself in for some up-coming parties. They are so gorgeous. What product can be better than these with their prices? Very affordable? Boy! Look at those metallic purple shoes from Iron Fist with green Leopard spots, aren't they fierce? If you observe, they would actually match any of the dress.

And again, sale, sale, sale. What a wonderful block Friday and cyber Monday. I can save a lot from my salary because even if I shop, I get the products at very low prices.

Aha! Wait a minute. Did I just hear the word "save"? Isn't shopping for the name of "sale" still means spending? And isn't buying more products that are on sale still means more spending?

From my little background on sale and marketing, I know some tricks about sale. Take this as an example. The shop owner knows that thanks giving and christmas are coming. More people would have time and money to go out to shop because of vacations and 13th month pay. One or few months before thanks giving and christmas the shop owner would increase the prices of his goods by maybe 18%. Then comes the block Friday and cyber Monday. The shop owner dramatically declares sale on all products by 20%. Well,that's just a little picture.

So what do I suggest? Be smart and creative in shopping. There are tons of sale out there this season. Look carefully for the things that you need and would need often. Dresses or shoes that can be worn only for one or two ocassions are not a good idea. Even if you got them on sale, they would sit inside the closet for most of the time. Look for shoes, dresses, or jeans that would go along with what you already have in your closet, specifically, with the shade color that you mostly have. Also, don't be afraid to cross-match. That is, if you find a great dress at one shop with a very reasonable price, and then there's a pair of shoes that you would so fancy because they match perfectly with the dress but the price is a bit high, you might buy only the dress and check from other shops first if you can also get as fancy shoes but with lower price. However, not all cheaper products make a good choice. Sometimes, you can avail products at lower prices but their quality is not very satisfying. They may not last as long as a good quality product would.

If you are smart in your shopping, then you can truly take advantage of this season's discounts and bonuses.

Did you find my dresses and shoes picks stunning? You can check them at kate's clothing. They have more choices available for you. Just enter the code NEWS2611 at the checkout before December 3rd to avail 10%off discount.

Just remember, be smart.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving....Drop Entrecards really fast give it a try.

  2. I did my own share of retail therapy yesterday and stayed away from stores announcing sale because most of the items on sale are really not that nice. I told myself, if I really want a certain item so much then I will buy it even if it's not on sale. Kasi palagi if I buy sale items, di ko din nagagamit.


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