Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Michelle Obama goes more styling for State Dinner, a shift from her high-fashion style?

"I'm not going to pretend that I don't care about it. But I also have to be very practical. In the end, someone will always not like what you wear -- people just have different tastes." ~ Michelle Obama by Vogue

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I have been reading a lot of media attention and critiques about Michelle Obama's fashion. So much of opinion were said out there that processing them, as well as following what Michelle wears, made me conclude that she is, indeed, a glamourista. She knows what she likes. She knows how to dress up. She's stylish. She's not scared of experimenting with her outfits. She's tall. She does not care what people think. And the best that I like is that she is practical with her fashion.

I've read that she patronizes products that are less famous and that she wears the clothes of less popular designers such as Jason Wu [being her favorite]. Perhaps, this is to deviate the attention of the world's fashionistas from only the top big designers.

Very recently, Michelle once again stirred the buzz when she wore this very glamorous strapless dress by an Indian-American designer Naeem Khan for a state dinner to welcome Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his wife Mrs. Gursharan Kaur to the White House. She looked very elegant in this dress with a classic floor-length cut in a subdued gold fabric paired with a light shawl.

"The entire ensemble seemed traditionally feminine and sophisticated, reminiscent of the first lady's more conservative predecessors." Jennifer Romolini said in an article for the Shine.

As you can see, there is nothing really new or extraordinary with this dress. Except maybe that the color suited her well blending with her skin color and the way she gave justice to this dress was superb. So what exactly stirred the buzz? Well, it is that obvious shift of her from her usual high-fashion risk taking style that caused all these attention.


  1. Love that quote; and the dress! The First Lady always manages to look glamorous! :)

  2. That gown made me rethink my perception of her. That gown suits her well.

    For me, Jackie Kennedy is the only best-dressed first lady.


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