Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Street Fashion: The girl next door

"Women don't dress up for men; they dress up for women, their co-species, their rivals."
~ by someone unremembered

Do you think this line calls for a debate? Do women really dress up not to impress men but to impress the other descendants of Eve?

Aren't we women are the first to notice what's hot and what's not on another female's outfit? Aren't we women are the first to scrutinize someone else's fashion?

If you walk pass a guy on the streets and you're wearing a fabulous dress, you can feel the eyes on you even if you don't look back, right? And then you think, "hmmm, he likes my outfit." You wonder if what he likes most, the boots? the mini-dress? the scarf? the hat? the necklace? the hair?

The thing is, the guy would actually look past the dress. He would look beyond the dress. The dress only suggests to him what's not revealed by it. But a woman would. A woman would see every angle of what you wear.

And just like any other woman, I notice this chic who lives next door. I think that she would make a homemade model. I think too that she has something great for a street fashion post.

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  1. What great inspiration for street fashion! There is a lady in my office building who gives me inspiration :-)

  2. Personally, I dress up to impress myself - no one else. It makes me happy to look good. But that's just me. Everyone dresses up for their own reasons. :)

  3. I absolutely agree that women dress for women initially. We also respect another woman's compliment more so than we do a compliment from the male gender.

    Women are all about comparing and could we not appreciate and envy other beautiful females :)

  4. I cannot disagree with that... women really dress up for women. Guys will not care if you're wearing a sack at all. Hahaha! But you know that women do.

  5. I guess you are right:) Guys do not care:)


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