Thursday, December 3, 2009

When you bare both shoulders and legs, wear a scarf

I believe that in making a statement, baring shoulders and legs should come one at a time. But should you feel like wearing some spaghetti straps and denim shorts at the same time, do wear a scarf. The result is elegant.

photos by glossyart

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  1. This is sexy but not over-the-top... just the right dose of sexiness.

  2. Scarves truly make the world go round. They add a touch of fabulousness to any ensemble! :)

  3. Definitely a good way to temper a sexy look xo

  4. gorgeous as always darling
    totally love it
    thanks for sharing
    awesome blog, keep it up!
    and thanks for the sweet comments

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Thank you for your time and for your sweet comments. I assure to visit you back shortly. Hugs :)