Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another shoes from chaps: so girly, so lovely

“A woman with good shoes is never ugly. They are the last touch of elegance” ~ Coco Chanel

If you buy shoes to be accessorized with a dress, purse and jewelries rather than a dress to be accesorized with shoes etc, then you have shoe fetish.

I am one of those great lovers of shoes we call shoe fetish. Thus my blog Shoe Fetish Corner.

And now, one of my babies finally have said "hello" to the world. And they are from chaps.


  1. yuuuuum true shoe porn!!


  2. Ooh, I adore the pointed toe and perforation in the construction - tres fabulous!! :)

  3. Love your shoes...beautiful!

  4. i like the details, pink heels and the airholes on it, looks comfortable and airy to wear
    happy blogging, jazevox


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