Friday, January 22, 2010

Mercedes_Benz Fashion Week 2010 takes the excitement to New York

Tell me girls; is there any fashion blogger here who does not keep track of what’s new in the fashion designers’ world? Is there anyone who does not feel envious upon knowing that someone’s blog got noticed and that fashion girl behind the blog got invited to attend a fashion week? Oh, let’s be real here. Getting invited to a fashion week and getting the opportunity to attend one is just any other fashion girl’s dream.

Wouldn’t you be ecstatic to see all the latest designers clothes ? I always make sure I get updated with what’s new in the runway. Although above that, I make sure that I identify which designs actually hit the streets.

Now, what really makes me excited is the upcoming Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City on February 11-18. This is going to be a rampage of Fall fashion for 2010. What beats the excitement under the tents? The gossips, the news and fashion updates would be at hand all for you to grab and write.

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week takes the excitement at a new location but still in New York, the center of glamour and fashion. How I dream to get there and be one of those fashion bloggers sharing the tents, entirely glamorous and freaking busy with all the events? I know what I would do if I were there. I would sleep early and would try to skip most of the late night parties so I would not miss any day-time event. I would take everything documented. And I know that I would need to bring my own food to supply me through the days so that even if the food for everyone finishes quickly, I would not be bothered. I need to be focused. Otherwise, isn’t this my biggest dream?

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