Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thrifty shopping for everything you need at

I am always into thrifty shopping, as you girls know, I look for items on sale if I were to shop. However, being a high school Maths teacher with tutorial commitments after school, searching for sale items in malls is more than toil. Clearly, mall shopping is hardly fitted in my time table. That is why I turned into online shopping. Now, I search for online boutiques that offer items at sale price, discount coupons, or discount codes.

If you regularly read my blog, you would know my recent finds because they are immediately shared in here. However, I have not found a site where everything that I need is entirely available. I would have to google every time for each item or brand that I am looking for. Until very recently, I came across a site which answers this very plight. Oh, they just have everything that you would need for. And everything is at discounted rate. They have varied promotion such as discount coupons, discount rate if you sign up through email, or automatic discounting whenever you purchase a specific product. These promotions are available only online. That means, if you go to an outlet, it is not guaranteed that you would enjoy the same offers they have in the site.

This is a fashion blog therefore I share only my fashion finds. But is more than just fashion boutiques. They have everything for travel, personal and home, software and media, finance and insurance, things you see on tv, retail categories where fashion and shopping is included, stores, coupons and free offers. In short, you save time and money through a very convenient way of shopping.

Now for my finds, they are from gap; we say, one of the best American apparel. And you can bet; they came with discounted coupons.

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