Thursday, January 28, 2010

When we are not supposed to laugh? That's fashion.

We are not suppose to laugh on someone who gets hurt, right? Like if some falls on the ground or break a knee? We are suppose to feel sorry.

But what happens if what you see is something you really cannot afford but laugh?

I was in the disadvantage side. During the sports day of our school last week, I competed for the hurdles race for teachers category. It was not that I was really prepared to do it, I was simply asked by a co-teacher, a co-team member, if I would take her place for the hurdles. She already competed for a 100m race. I said "yes". New to the game, I did not know the technique. Ran as fast as I could when the whistle blew and jumped too high on the first block, too bad, the speed and impact was too much for my leg to carry, I landed on the very rough cemented ground on my knees. I quickly stood up and continued the race, finished third, but whoa! when I saw my knees, they were bleeding. The left was worse. I secretly cried, not due to the pain, but due to the thought of having big scars on my knees. Girls, just like any other girl, I value my skin too much. But I guess not enough to consider the consequences of being dare devil whenever faced with a challenge.

Alright, so how did my knees relate to the question? Well, as you can imagine, my students, watching and cheering for their teachers, couldn't help but laugh at me. Not bad, really. I guess I must have looked funny.

And that's also true to these anchors, who couldn't help themselves but laugh at this poor model who struggled to carry the designer's shoes well, but clearly, she failed. Girls, I laughed too. But not because of the model's fall, but because of how the anchors laugh.

I was so tired when I got home. A very demanding day job plus extra home tutorial can really be heavy, was excited to sit in front of laptop to check what I've got. But I was welcomed by the sad story of Ken Green, the golfer who met a series of tragedy in life. Barely recovered, now his son is dead. Oh, how painful life can be sometimes.

But then I felt delighted to read an email from another fashion web mistress saying she enjoys reading my blog and that she likes what she sees. Let me just quote her "... I think you've put just the right amount of personality and individual style into it." That one's great. Thanks.

I checked her back. And guess what? I enjoyed more her site, Runway Rundown. With all the most fabulous dresses from the runway. Oh, how I love Runway. :)


  1. Oh dear, I hope that nasty cut on your knee gets better. I could never do hurdles, I'd fall flat on my face too.

  2. oooh i hope that cut heals nicely! neosporin immed! don't worry i totally understand the pain of the scar. i have lots from mosquito bites and they totally pain me :(

  3. aww at least you finished the race.. and third!
    hurdles always look so difficult.

    i laughed over the news anchors too.. their laughter makes me laugh!


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