Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beauty products I'm loving.

Unlike most of the girls, I find myself not much into cosmetics and beauty products. When I was younger, I always had hesitations in using cleansers or eskinols because of the fear that they would ruin my skin. As I'm getting older however, the use of some beauty and skin care products became a necessity all in the name of protection. But if I do use a product, I am very careful in choosing and once it suits me, I tend to be loyal to it.

Let us look into the facial products that has gained my loyalty.

This Green herbal comes in two.

The one at the left is for day protection. You have to apply it on your face in the morning after cleaning with water. It moisturises the skin just enough for a young looking texture. Unlike other moisturizers which make my face feel sticky and oily, this product gives a very natural moisturizing that makes my skin healthy. It also evens the skin color making the scars brought by pimples or irritations fade.

The one at the right is for night use. You have to apply it before you go to bed, again, after cleaning your face on with fresh water. It's purpose is to protect your skin from pimples or any other skin bullies that can ruin your face. This product heals pimples or acne quickly leaving no traces of them.

I met this Green herbal product when I was plagued with a terrible acne episode. The acne attack was very bad making very visible scars on my face. It was caused by a very stressful relationship at the time [not my current relationship]. My friends from our church choir were so worried because my face used to be flawless. One of the girls from the choir suggested that I use this product that is newly created by some specialists from Yanhee International hospital in Thailand. This hospital is known for all the beauty products and procedures they give, almost anything you can ask for. I was already spending quite a fortune trying out some products to no avail. Thankfully, this Green herbal was the answer to my plight. I became loyal to it since then.

The Green herbal originally came through this containers. As you can see, it was very minimum. But since the product gained fame shortly after it proved its effectiveness, now they come much fancy.

After a year of using Green herbal product everyday, I thought that it was becoming too expensive for me. Since I had no more acne to arrest, and since my skin now moisturises naturally, I decided to use it alternately. I tried using it every other two days. For the days in between, I was only using water. It worked. Until later, I use this Green herbal only once a week. The rest of the days I use only water. My boyfriend noticed this water cleaning routine of mine. The next time that he came to Bangkok to spend vacation with me, he was bringing me his favorite facial cleanser product, Velocity.

Velocity feels good on the skin. When I apply it and scrub softly, it feels similar to the Green herbal the one for night use. It feels like there are sand on my face and along with these sand comes out the white heads and other unwanted particles from the skin.

I am very careful in using this Velocity though, because after it finishes, I am not sure if I can get another one from Thailand. Otherwise, I would have to wait for my next Velocity to be shifted from Germany. It is already, reasonably, expensive.

So these are the skin products that I am loving right now. Feel free to share what's yours.

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