Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ditch that dull winter layering!

When it comes to layering, why do we have to settle for less? Typical black, gray, brown or stereotype combinations? Why don't we try and push the envelope much further? Is there anything to be scared of? Why don't we find ways to grace the streets in a more daring, adventurous and creative way? Isn't that art? Isn't that fashion?
Thanks to Refinery29, they've spotted and trimmed down the most daring and wackiest layering in the streets of New York.
I'm loving the third look. It's the fiercest most untypical not to mention the bravest fashion to sport on. That's for me. What about you, girls?


  1. Nobody could ever accuse those ladies of looking dull that's for sure!!

  2. i love miroslava duma!

  3. I love that first coat! it's to die for!!! thanks for finding me.


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