Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Empty that Closet! Contest

Girls, does it come to you when you don't know what to wear and when it feels like you don't have enough in your wardrobe? Are there times when you wish you can shop for more so that your closet can give you more options?

And then does it occur to you that your closet is actually overcrowded but that what taking so much space are the old clothes or old accessories that you don't feel like wearing anymore or items that you had grabbed from sale but you had never worn?

I believe this is true to most of us and certainly this is true to me.

This red and white stripes two piece has literally been sleeping in my closet for more than two years, never been worn since I brought them home. As you can see, this pair is a tube and a skirt. However, the top is too short that wearing it makes me look slutty, lol, while the skirt, even if it looks very sexy on me, I couldn't find something else that would go along with it and it doesn't feel right to wear them seperately.

But thanks to this contest Empty your closet! I was inspired to find a way to get them out of the house and say "hi" to the world.


Look! Instead of wearing the tube as a top, I decided to wear it as a scarf. Taking a black turtle neck knitted sleveless, a black hose and a pair of black boots, the outfit went perfect. In the photo above, I was with Daisy and Joy, the girls who were also Empty your closet! inspired.


This contest has been revised. Please follow this link to the contest. Thanks ;)


  1. What a fabulous idea for a contest!! :)

  2. You are very creative Gleen! Love what you did to the tube top.

  3. Hi Gleenn!

    I'm a little insecure ... I don't think I'm a creative dresser like you who can transform mundane clothing items into fab must haves ... but I'm challenged ... I'm going to think hard about this and get back to you?!

    In the meantime, please stay gorgeous and inspiring!

  4. You look fabulous!
    What a fun contest ~ I adore NY Design Shop!


  5. wow this sounds extreemely juicy i'm gonna get my hands work on something thanks!


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