Monday, February 1, 2010

Rabbit Designs! Bunny designs for bunny lovers

"Rabbits Are a Girl's Best Friend" Who would debate against this?

Would you want to wear something with your beloved bunnies on it? There is a better way of making it fashionable. Check out Amy's Rabbit designs.

You girls must know how in love I am right now with my little bunny munchings. They are very adorable, naughty, sweet, and adventurous that simply watching them can be so stress reliever. Well, that does not mean that it's completely free of consequences because having bunnies around means enough work to burden more my busy schedule, however, seeing them grow, enjoy being let out from cage, running and chasing each other, even finding ways how to make great leap to make it onto the bed, can be so fulfilling and fun.

I have to say thanks to my honey, for being so loving and thoughtful to buy me these bunnies and all their essentials. He did it so that his departure wouldn't be as painful, so that something would occupy me and not feel sad. That's what you girls get, if you live a long distance relationship, little bunnies. lol.

So these are our adventures, for the three of us.

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  1. What a cute idea! I love bunnies - I used to have one myself!! :)


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