Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ready to wear Black



We know that black is the most powerful color be it in fashion, business, academic or anything. However, if we are to wear black, we have to be certain that it is something really special. Why? Because it's easy to look dull in black, or worse, it can easily blend as a background. Therefore, it's not only that you wear the color, it also has to be the style.

With long flared twill skirt, lower hem at the back, satin ribbon lace up details on the front and back, hidden zip at the back, this Venomous black from Kate is nothing but gorgeous. Another neccesary evil!

But hey, don't fret. It's affordable and worth for £49.99.

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  1. Sexy :) Thanks for your comment. I have a relative who lives in Bangkok and owns a coffee company!


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