Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Try fashion like Italy

When I first saw these photos from an Italy fashion Show, I was totally smitten. And I never got over it.

I'm sure you would understand why. Look carefully at the combinations, the play of colors and of cuts and of that something that I really want to put in words but I couldn't. But let me try.

Perhaps, what really caught me is the notion of creating a street fashion look in a very sleek way. Can you think of any street fashion you'd wear at day time running around the city and at a dinner party straight away?

What about these?

You don't have to entirely copy the look but you can get the idea and start making your own combinations.


Early morning today, after I was hurriedly dressed up for school, I quickly checked my inbox. One of our avid readers here at Creative Fashion sweetly requested if I can do some "My outfit" posts. Yeah, it's quite a time now that we don't have some outfit posts on here, but guess what? sometimes, life can be so choking and exhausting that prepping one's self for some fabulous outfit poses is nearly impossible. Sometimes, the reality of life can be so demanding.

But of course, despite those some harshness in life, we girls should never ever let ourselves defeated. Sometimes, we just have to recover our energy and be rightly fabulous again.


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