Monday, March 8, 2010

6 Simple Ways of Caring and Mending Your Shawl to Keep It in Great Condition


You can keep your shawl in great shape by bearing in mind the following: hand wash your shawl, do not tumble-dry, know how to store your shawl, give importance to special instructions, do some extra research, and go an extra mile.

To give your shawl lasting beauty and comfort, you need to give it the best care. Here are simple means, by which you can take care of your precious shawl, as well as mend it:

Hand wash your shawl

The best way to cleanse your shawl is to hand wash it. Machine-washing can destroy your shawl with its tumbling motions. Since shawls are delicate, avoid bleaching them and use only mild soap or baby shampoo with cool water. After rinsing, never twist or wring your shawl, but instead, squeeze it gently to keep it in great shape. Dry cleaning is also acceptable as long as the treatment used is safe and mild for your shawl.

Do not tumble-dry

Tumble-drying can ruin your shawl in the same way machine-washing does. The best way to dry your shawl is to lay it flat out in the open air without exposing it to direct heat or sunlight. Some shawls do not need to be ironed. In case they do, always put a cloth between your shawl and the iron to keep its great color.

Know how to store your shawl

Since you do not need your shawl the whole year round, you need to keep your shawl in great condition for the next use. Do not hang, but rather, fold your shawl to prevent losing its shape, especially if your shawl is heavy. Keep it in a cool dry place, never in a damp or very hot location. If your shawl is beaded or has added embellishment, experts advise you to put acid-free white tissue in between folds to avoid imprinting these designs on the fabric of your shawl.
Give importance to special instructions
Shawls can be made from different fabrics and can come with different accessories, thus requiring special care for each shawl. Care to read special washing, drying, and storing instructions that come when purchasing your shawl.

Do some research

Sometimes, when you purchase a shawl, special instructions are not included. If you got it online, try going to the website of the shop and search for suggestions on caring for your shawl. You can also contact their customer support for more information. On the other hand, you can search for articles and topics that can give you shawl care tips.

Go an extra Mile

Just when you think that a shawl with traces of piling or has a hole or little tear is useless, think again. For piling problems or when your shawl is said to show bits of fluff on its surface, you can buy fabric shavers that are available at most household stores or fabric shops. For holes and tears, there are shops and people who can help you. These people, known as darners, have the special skills and equipment, such as needles and yarns, needed to fix your shawl and make it look great again for a certain price. Popular darners are usually found in India, but your shawl shop may just know some from your area. You can also search the Internet for special shops who offer such services. Finally, if you are fond of knitting and you are skilled at it, you can fix your own crocheted shawl by studying very well the pattern and getting the right yarn colors.
As long as you are willing to take care of your shawl inasmuch as it undoubtedly gives you elegance and comfort, maintaining the condition of your shawl is not that very difficult after all. Give your shawl the best care and it will give you the best beauty and warmth you deserve.

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