Monday, March 29, 2010

Etsy Finds what I love across Europe


Who does not love Etsy? Even before this blog was born I was already Etsy hunting. I even considered joining the hunters by becoming an Etsy retailer so that I would have the reason to hunt for what I'd love and then sell whatever is beyond the budget. Ha! Things became too hectic that spare time only allows me to manage this passion blog. But my weekly, if not daily, etsy watch is on going. It is never idle. The shop recently has turned its eyes at every angle across Europe leaving nothing unexamined by its lense.

"Etsy is taking a trip through Europe, with Etsy sellers from eleven different European countries. Take a look for yourself with our Shop Local feature — you'll find shops across borders near and far. Are you already on your way to Berlin for the grand opening party on April 1 at their new Etsy office? Get going! You only have a week left. RSVP for the party here."

I wanted to join the party but I was too late. The hall was fully booked. Therefore I contented myself checking all the finds - Etsy Finds: Across the Pond, Etsy Finds: Go Euro, Etsy Finds: Early Bird or Night Owl?, Etsy Finds Decor: Romantic Curiosities.

Did you girls get those notices too? From women's fashion, to home decors, to paintings, to photography and everything in between. You bet, I satisfied my thirst first with what's I'm more into. Thusm here are my picks:

SPRING SALE (S-M) Lace-Up Leg Warmers in Purple - READY TO SHIP
Style Tip: Wear them pulled up over your heels, scrunched down around your ankles, or peeking out of your boots for three completely different looks.
Vintage Shoes- Gold and Silver Rose Lace Pumps size 7
Grace Couture - Brown Ostrich Feather Purse with Swarovski Crystal Trim -ONE OF A KIND
Nuno felted wrist arm warmers - Growing Spring on my skin OOAK
Lily Pad Brooch in Pastel Tones
Custom tea dress - a rare vintage vera print, fifties inspired
Tournoyer - Silver Copper and Oxidized Silver Ring


  1. Love that dress, so classic but cool

  2. I love the wrist arm warmers... so adorable. Though I can't think of a reason to wear them in Manila. Hahaha!

    Have a great week ahead Gleen! xoxo

  3. Such fabulous finds! :) I love Etsy!

    I hope you are having a wonderful week, sweetie! xoxo

  4. These are all seriously gorgeous, you have amazing taste!



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