Thursday, March 4, 2010

Even demons love fashion?


When I opened Kate's mail today with her urging me to immediately take a look at her newest items on store, I knew that I'd love what I'll see. But I didn't think that they'd come with the strangest names I never would have expected.

Gorgeous new shoes from demonia. The Bullet militant boots would surely work best for me.

Fantastic accessories from Kreepsville. I purposefully dropped the second part of their names, "666". I just grew up hearing lectures from dad about these tripple numbers. Makes my hair stand. I might take the Cherry necklace; but that still, is debatable.

If you're kind of fan of horror movies and not scary-cat, then consider these as additions to your collection. If there's anything that does not rock about them, maybe that's just the parts of their name that starts with D or 6. But who really cares?

Anyway, I'm quite anxious about getting terribly overworked these days but not as anxious as the thought of having 46degrees celsius in the summers. Wish me luck girls.

P.S. Winner for our accesory giveaway will be announced on Sunday. Thanks to all who participated. :)


  1. I think the cherry necklace is adorable...the other ones...eeek! Ah ha ha

  2. The militant boots are actually quite nice:)



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