Monday, March 8, 2010

Get clear skin through acne laser


“I spent most of my life locked in my bedroom, miserable about my raging acne. “
~ Moon Unit Zappa

Getting bugged by acne is not fun. In fact, it is very unsettling. Acne has significant effects on a person’s outlook in life. Social withdrawal, decreased self-esteem, reduced self-confidence, poor body image, and embarrassment, feelings of depression, anger, preoccupation, frustration, and higher rate of unemployment are the most common negative results among people with acne. These effects are interrelated, leading from one to another making the first effect worse. 1

Most initial attempt to combat acne is through antibiotics. However, either over the counter products or prescribed medicines, antibiotics have significant side effects. “People who used antibiotics for their acne, as compared to people who had acne who weren’t using antibiotics, were about twice as likely to develop an upper respiratory tract infection within a year’s period of time”~ David Margolis. And in most cases, antibiotics do not work.

For a long time acne was left without remedy. Luckily, technology has discovered treatment through acne laser. Acne laser is a method of acne treatment in which a green laser is introduced to the skin's surface. The laser functions to trigger the body's natural defenses against bacteria. The fact that acne laser treatment targets bacteria makes it an effective means of reducing current and future acne outbreaks. It is a well-established fact that bacteria are a significant contributor to acne lesions. 2

Celibre is one of the many dermatology clinics that offer acne laser. They focus on laser treatment depending on skin type and condition. Treatment on acne, unwanted hair and wrinkles are all included in their services. Los Angeles tattoo removal which offers removal of unwanted tattoos is also annexed to this medical clinic.

Acne laser is a popular method of treating acne. However, this treatment is only performed under the supervision of a medical practitioner. If you decide to use acne laser for treatment, it is essential that you conduct research about this procedure. You must orient yourself about the pros and cons, the long term consequences, the things that you would need to prepare yourself for, and most essentially, the medical clinic that you would seek treatment from. Acne Treatment Orange County is one that you can consider and inquire about.

If you are one that is deeply affected by uncontrollable acne, acne laser might be the ultimate solution for you. However, I strongly sugest that you consider this procedure only after trying some other alternatives such as natural remedy. At the end, if everything fails and leads you to seek acne laser, then do your homework. Do research.


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