Saturday, March 13, 2010

Get that look! StyleCaster

get that look

Girls, admit it. Your style is inspired and influenced not only by your favorite celebrities or favorite fashion magazines but also by some fashion blogs where online fashion reporters and trend spotters update you with "what's up?". Why not? It’s easier and much quicker, right? You just log on to your favorite site and check what they say: what’s hot, what’s in and what’s not? These sites give you the idea of what possible outfit combinations you can try on and experiment. And what is much exciting about this is that there are tons of fashion websites out there where you can get inspiration from.

Let me introduce to you a website of such that I discovered very recently. Style Caster is just like any other fashion websites that caters news about fashion and beauty. However, what I like about them is the idea that tons of different looks are filed for you to explore. When you download the fashion page, all outfits and looks will slide out and whichever grabs your attention, you click that image and it will expand. And when the image pops out bigger; you will see who is the stylist that created that look, who is the model and where you can get the items that made up the entire look. So if you really like what you see, then you would easily find the items at store.

My favorite part is the fashion news and beauty tips. It is where you get ideas on what is in and how to get them. But what is more lovely about a site is when everything is categorized for you such as celebrity column, lifestyle, fashion, beauty and it’s like everything is in there all at once. Therefore I highly recommend that you girls visit Style Caster. Then if you have a minute, tell me what you think.

And oh, if you girls noticed, we are having a habit lately of giving bonus. Yeah. So today we got another one. If you love updates about celebrity gossips? We found Culturally Clad to be a perfect place.


  1. I love looking at fashion blogs for style inspiration but it's my first time to visit Style Caster... awesome site. Thanks for sharing this Gleen. xoxo

  2. Really like the first loook, such an awesome jumper and when paired with leggings can be worn to a more formal environment too! What a good idea :) Now I just need to find a cute jumper hehe :) And how I love those Jimmy Choo Glenys Cage Platform Sandals from your previous post!!! Oh my, perfection!!


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