Saturday, March 20, 2010

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hit or miss

Finally, I had the courage to take up guest blogging. I had a couple of invitations to do so but it took me sometime to actually write for these lovely sites that are giving me oppurtunity. I always have them in mind. While I juggle day job [teaching Mathematics to secondary students], private tutorials after school, or debate training [prepping my debaters for the next national tournament] and blogging [after a 14-hours work], I'm getting used to multi-tasking. While on my way to my next tutorial, for example, I use the time to generate ideas; or sometimes while having lunch. Now tell me who's not getting overworked? haha! You can guess, it takes a lot of food supplement.

So, for my first ever guest blogging, I wrote something about celebrity outfit. I made it kind of puzzle. Me asking questions, the readers guessing, and finally concluding if the outfit is a hit or a miss.

Check the article out Celebrity outfit: Hit miss? at


  1. congrats on the guest blog! :)
    looks lovely!

  2. Congrats on the guest blog post!Going to check it out rigyet after I'm done posting this comment :)

    I know what you mean about over-working... I'm kind of in this phase myself. Somehow my day job has been taking more of my energy lately and there are some important side projects that I've taken up, plus blogging... So you're teaching Maths? Must be hard. Teaching is no easy thing. I used to be a privite English tutor for a year, so I know lol I was just blessed with a very responcible student so that was making it a whole lot easier I guess!!

    P.S. Thank you for the recognition in the form of adding me to your blogroll!!

  3. Hi there again girl! The wordpress's being weird and I'm not sure it accepted my comment on your guest post, so I'm just goign to post it here too, just in case:

    I have to agree with you on most of these. The first look is definately too much of the good thing in one! J.Lo looked good in my opinion, the dress is not for everyone but she's known to wear something truly daring when it comes to red carpet fashion! The floral leggings look is a no no to me - I'm just really not a fan of wearing leggings instead of jeans, like them so much more when the behind het more coverage than this! The very right outfit is cute, my most favorite of all, but it's tricky since there's lots of stuff going on there as well... I dunno, I guess I'll have to see more pictures to really make my mind about it being hit or miss :)

  4. I've got a little award for you in my blog!!Check it out!!

  5. Congratulations on your Guest blogging.
    Life sounds very busy for you ~ I hope that you get some time to relax. Thanks for following and I am going to do the same.

    Enjoy the weekend

  6. the first look is definately too much of the good thig in one. looked good in my opinion, the dressin not for everyone.

    australiandetox dot com

  7. the first look is definately too much of the good thing in one. the dress in not for everyone but she is known to war someting.

    Australiandetox dot com

  8. congrats! :)
    I really hate Miley look, some months ago I did a post about this, hate it!
    But I like the one of the girl with the coffee, who is she?


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