Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How to wear miniskirts?

“I don't have the self-confidence to walk around in a miniskirt and heels and a tube top. I'm still trying to learn to love and accept my body.”
~ Mandy Moore

Just like Mandy, I am not very confident with my body to wear a miniskirt and a tube top at once. I definitely love miniskirts such as these 5 band mini and Rachel Pally bandage. I adore tube tops too. But I never would wear them together. I claim that my principle in fashion is to reveal some assets only at a time; not all at once. But to admit, I did break this claim one time when I wore a very lovely orange tube top with a pair of very short denim shorts accesorized by flat boots and extremely huge orange bag. But that was it, once! Honestly, I am much more confident in baring my legs than my shoulders and arms. Therefore you can guess, my closet gives more miniskirts than revealing tops.

I'd like to wear minis to bring just enough attention to my rear, hips and legs, but not too much so that I am like screaming, "hey! all of you! look what I've got!" I opt to wear non-fitting tops, no mid-riffs, no hanging blouses, and no long empire cut tops either. I usually go for tops with lengths that reaches down to first hips or just very little higher than that. The reason for this is to reveal immediately starting from the uper foot of my bumps. Sometimes I wear a cardigan over a thin-strapped top or I go for the types of cardigans which allow me to tie the ends in front of my navel making a hanging ribbon. Otherwise, if I decide to show only my legs, then I'd wear a blazer.

Just tonight, I learned another way of wearing miniskirts. Thanks to shopbop. The bright neon stripes are kept in check by some neutral navy. The key principle? Complementary brights are kept up top; all black below.


What about you girls? What are your secrets in wearing miniskirts?


  1. Tights! I just don't feel comfortable in them unless I'm wearing tights.

  2. I think the most important rule with skin baring, is if you go mini on the bottom cover up at the top and vice versa...

  3. I'm not so big fun of mini skirts to myself,don't even know why?I just feel it's *too much* for me;)
    But i do love them and i use them at home.


  4. I'm like you, no tube top and mini together at the same time. I would feel so slutty. If I wear a mini, I make sure that my top is covered.

  5. i love minis! as long as you are not giving away all the goods ;)

  6. the green with leaf pattern is nice, too short to wear in public for me, but i like the fabric design its made of. jazevox


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