Sunday, March 21, 2010

Monika speaks about botkier

st satchel

It was a delight when I came across the interview with Monika Botkier, the designer behind my favorite brand of bags, featured at eye4style. I had blogged about botkier in the past and many of our readers adore the bags too.

Today, I would let myself parrot some things from the interview that I deem beneficial to my readers who are fans of the same brand.

Monika’s principle in designing is to create bags that are “stylish, luxe and functional but do not break the bank”.

For being “stylish” she might refer to original and creative custom detailing. And for being “functional”, well, that is something that most designers bag which are so pro-stylish usually neglect. Ask yourself. Do you panic when your phone rings because you have to dig deep down your bag quickly before you miss the call? Monica rightly believes that busy city-girls need their bag to organize things for them.

When Monica says botkier delivers a woman’s needs, e.g style and luxe, with emphasis on functionality without the need to break the bank, it is clear what she'd meant. Girls, look at these HOWARD st. satchel bags. How would you feel bringing home one of your choice for only $475? Btw, Monica must be carrying that bag in natural snake during the interview.

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  1. I love the design you chose from her collection... I agree with the functional part and her bags are affordable too.

    Have a great day Gleen! xoxo

  2. botkier bags are gorgeous :)

  3. Those are gorgeous bags! I agree, I definitely need the insides of my bag to be organized haha.

  4. Awesome post, I love these bags. You always find the best things to share with us. Hope you had a great weekend!!!


  5. Keep these bags coming .. the way my works going at the minute anything that's fab chic and cheap as chips is welcome

  6. I am ridiculously in love with that bag!


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