Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spotted: Celebrity outfit - Black Devil Jeans


Just what is Black Orchid and just who is Julien Jarmoune?

Black orchid is almost mythical. While for centuries curious people were perturbed about the existence of such a flower, there was hardly any black flower or orchid that they could find as much as they could hardly breed a black tullip. Thus tremendous effort spent in the search of a black orchid went mostly in vain.

However, according to the story, there were such flowers that searchers found. They were not entirely black but they were too dark that you could almost say they are truly black. Their colors are most likely dark brown or dark maroon.

It is also said that the beauty of these dark-colored flowers called black orchid are too alluring that even if you hate vampires, you would love to take a couple of them to bring home. They're that beautiful.

Julien Jarmoune is one designer inspired by the beauty of black orchid. He was smitten by the idea of the rarity of this flower. This inspiration lead to the birth of his brand "Black Orchid". Rare and highly desired is the trademark of this designer's creations so that even celebrities patronize his products. Julien felt that the market was "saturated with ostentatious designs that he decided to create an elegant but basic jean that would appeal to women of all ages".

Black Devil Jeans in Thunder is the newest creation for Black orchid. Kristin Cavallari and Charlize Theron were spotted sporting these very jeans. Available in Black Orchid's "Thunder" wash. These devilishly divine skinnies feature zipper detailing on the back pockets and at the ankles.

Therefore girls, zip up your style with Black Orchid's Black Devil Jeans by visiting Boutique to you and grabbing your first pair.

But if you already got your first devil jeans, then let us know what made them unique. Would really love to hear from you ;)


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  4. i've never heard of these jeans before. they're very cool...i'll have to keep them in mind.


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