Thursday, April 1, 2010

5 Basic Qualities to Look for in Getting the Best Cashmere Scarf

cashmere scarf

In buying the best cashmere scarf, look for one that has very soft texture, great color, and with just the right size and weight you need. It must be priced reasonably with the style you are looking for. Lastly, when purchasing a cashmere scarf, check for care guide or support service on how to wash and store it.

Everyone wants to own a cashmere scarf because of its warmth, comfort, and elegance. When purchasing one, here are things you need to consider in order to get the best one:

Look for a soft-textured cashmere scarf
Cashmere is known for its soft texture. Find one that has very soft and fine to give you the greatest comfort apart from the warmth it gives.

Check its color
Pure cashmere has rich, vibrant colors perfect to accessorize your get up. Look for one that is colored great on both sides so that no matter how you put it on, it will look just perfectly great. If you are getting a cashmere scarf for a particular set of clothes, choose a color that complements your outfit.

Make sure the size and weight are just right
To make it look best on you, look for a cashmere scarf that has the right size you need. It’s length must be just the one you need to wrap around your neck and give it a little style. Choose also the width you prefer, whether you want it folded in half or not. The weight of your scarf must be just right not to give you additional bulk.

Consider the style and price
Cashmere scarves for women have different styles. There are plain, ruffled, knitted, and twisted styles from among others. These styles, aside from the brand, dictates the price of your cashmere scarf. When you have chosen a particular style, canvass its price and compare from different shops. Check on customer reviews and feedback to give you ideas on the quality of the scarf you plan to buy and the credibility of the shop you will buy from.

Check for available guides
Aside from the scarf itself, it is of great value to find one with guide on how to care for your shawl in order to keep its quality over time. There are also specialty shops who offer online support on how to care for your cashmere products or guarantee you the quality of their items.
Whether you decide to give your friend or prize yourself with a cashmere shawl scarf, it is important to choose the best one. You deserve an elegant and quality outfit. You simply deserve the best.


  1. ya, i agree these 5 qualities very important

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  5. My mum has one, and oh my it is divine. I am constantly sneaking it on when running to school!

  6. I love cashmere scarf! Thanks for the tips.

  7. can this cashmere be used with all kind of dresses ?

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