Saturday, April 10, 2010

A closer look at stylish but affordable Promise Ring


“I give you this ring as a promise to you, a promise that I'll be here and I'll always be true”
~ Elizabeth from the poem Promise Ring

How heavenly would it be if the love of your life all of a sudden pulls out something from his pocket; that something would then appears to be a little shiny thing, would recite this poem of Elizabeth while slipping a ring on your finger?

I am a kind who doesn’t own jewelries. I don’t wear them and never had idea about them the entire twenty-five years of my life. This is because of religious reasons. However, the very first time that a ring has touched my finger was when an engagement ring was slipped into it. I was told a promise ring should come first; but in my case, that was skipped. Until now, seven months away from the big day, we still debate if we really need wedding rings.

But then one day a tiny white box was delivered to me. Inside it was a promise ring. I knew it was not from my love. It was from an acquaintance that runs a jewelry shop. She wants me to have a look at her ring and she’s eager to know what I think because she values honest opinion.

Excited to see the beauty inside the box, I eagerly unwrapped the box and lo! The beauty was still hidden inside a pretty blue box. I was anxious if the ring would fit. At size 5, it is perfect. Since I have a bias preference towards white gold and simple but elegant looking bling, my promise ring came in the form of CZ Fashion Band. A simple white gold with the same thickness all around the circumference, the ring was made a stunner by its featured CZ all around.

I would not assume that everyone knows what CZ is. Cubic Zirconia or CZ is a man-made imitation diamond. Since 1976, CZ has become the important competitor to diamond because of its low cost, durability, and close visual likeness to diamond. Comparing the bling of my CZ ring to the bling of the diamond of my engagement ring, I could hardly find difference.

I think that if I wear this CZ ring, my fingers would have to adjust to its thickness and weight. But of course, the elegance it brings would be worth all these necessities.

I’m sure you girls are curious about the price? CZ Fashion Band is supposedly worth $123 but its sale price right now is $63. You might ask how they manage to produce quality and elegance at such low price. Simple. Have you ever seen LuShae Jewelry advertising on TV? No. They avoid costly tv advertising and reseller margins. Therefore, if you purchase your ring from them, you actually buy directly from the manufacturer. No overpricing in between.

If you are scouting for the best shop where you can get your dream promise ring, engagement ring or if you simply want to treat yourself for a stylish and affordable ring, you better check LuShae Jewelry Shop.


  1. I don't think the kind of stone matters whether it's the real diamond or it is Cubic Zirconia. What's important is the promise behind the ring. xoxo

  2. Yeah I think that the important thing is what's behind the ring too. Just a lovely post!

  3. I love this ring! So pretty!

    I'm not sure guys understand the idea behind a promise ring, but I adore the idea!

  4. Lovely! Although I don't wear rings, I stil love the gesture.

  5. I have forever wanted a Promise Ring - this piece is stunning!! :)


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