Monday, April 26, 2010

Sale, how I love Thee: Kate’s Necessary Evil

When asked “Do you love bargains?” I was like, “Is that a question?” But Kate’s Clothing is asking not only me actually, but all of you - girls who love sale!

Kate’s Clothing is screaming “Over 80 Sale Bargains!” here. Of course, I would never ignore such a call. Since its Necessary Evil’s shriek, you expect to see almost all products in the shade of black. There are some sprinkles of non-black color here and there, but only to complement the main black. Therefore, it is not a matter of color, it is of style.


I happened to like this Gothic Black Ossa Bodice Red Ribbon Top. It’s being stretchable with ribbons and zip up, a kind that you’d say, “It rocks!” The red ribbons can easily be mistaken as the ones that adjust according to your width and preferred fitting, but they're not. There is black cord lacing at the back for adjustment purposes.

Paired by Necessary Evil Gothic Black Ravana Adjustable Skirt, this outfit looks great at the front view. But the back looks weird. I don’t know if it’s just me, but those raffles are just too much. I searched for an alternative skirt to pair with this Red Ribbon top. I wanted a not so loud type of long skirt. I then found one, oh how perfect! But just to be embarrassed at myself. The alternative turned out to be just the same skirt. I thought “Didn’t you see that word ADJUSTABLE?” That actually means you can remove the raffles if you wish so and just let the hem hang naturally down.

And then I saw this Chiffon Halter Dress. How lovely and how elegant! This dress is perfect for a wild night at the dance floor. Hmm, as if I dance. Actually I don’t. But this chiffon is just too elegant I can’t help it.

And then I found another black to steal, what lovely skirt! Oh, and there's one more! And then …


  1. I love the adjustable skirt too... very versatile. And the chiffon dress is gorgeous... definitely not gothic at all. xoxo

  2. The chiffon halter dress is unique and fancy! Thank you for your sweet comment....they always make me smile. :)


  3. I will have to check this out. It looks fabulous! :)

  4. It's not my style but is cute! :)

  5. I love it, but it's not my style actually...


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