Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sale, how I love thee! Shoes and Shoe bags

It has become a habit here at Creative Fashion to blog every weekend about fashion items I spotted on sale. I have identified these shoes that are worth your scrutiny, and if they pass, you need to hurry because they are flying off the racks.

It's always easy to do catwalk when you're wearing stilletos whereas it is a challenge when you're wearing flats. However, based from my observation, I realized that in order to fake heels when you want to wear flats, you should go for pointed toe. Whether it is for work, date or formal party, you would remain elegant in them. This Elizabeth and James Jessi Flat is a very good option if you are into flats. Although we love classic ballet shoes, having some ruffles is a good upgrade. Originally $235.00, This lovely flat is at 30% off. You can bring it home for only $164.50.

Either for a gorgeous dress or a chic jeans, this Anouk Boots Alba Boot makes a perfect complement. It's buckles and soft tan leather makes is perfect for spring and summer fashion. If you are into quality investment, then you better grab this baby which is at 20% off. Originally worth $595.00, you can bring them home for $476.00

Girls, if there is something that worries me when I travel, it's the safety of my shoes. I always try to protect my babies when I have to pack them for a journey by putting old news papers inside them especially for the toes. There is nothing more frustrating than unwrapping your luggage and seeing your beloved shoes deformed. If I have to save space or weight for my luggage when I'm flying, I put inside the shoes clothes that are soft such as jersy or silk instead of papers. However, I thought that having a bag exclusively for my shoes would not only be fancy but ideal. Take a look at this Luxe Shoe Luggage from Louis Vuitton. This trunk can fit 12 shoes comfortably. It is said to be the secret weapon of shoeaholics who are very serious about their shoes. I wonder if Imelda has grabbed one for herself but I'm sure that even if I am a shoeaholic, I would never be able to afford this trunk for $6,150 no matter how much I fancy it.

Therefore I thought, that maybe I better satisfy myself with this Royce Leather Deluxe Shoe Bag which gives an extra 20% off. It fits only a pair of shoes comfortably. I don't have to carry 12 shoes with me when I travel anyway unless I have to move to another continent which has to be after wedding, and if I do so, I would have to ship my shoes via fedex. Therefore, since I'm a woman who loves sale, you can bet I would rather take this one. It's supposed to be $130 but it sells for $104.

What about you girls? Did you find any pre-spring or pre-summer shoes at sale? Would you care enough to share your shoeaholic secret?


  1. I want that shoe luggage too... it's perfect for travelling with my shoes. Hmmmmm... maybe when money is no longer an issue, I will buy that beauty. Hahaha! happy weekend my dear! xoxo

  2. I have a small foot, so I either have a really hard time or really easy time finding shoes...that being said it's rare that I find a large quantity in my size! It's all about the hunt I guess!

  3. unfortunately no...
    cute items:)

  4. shoe luggage is a great idea ;) love the boots!

  5. I love the Alba boot. Shoes are my weakness!! :)

  6. I die for tops and dresses blazers....

    Jaspal and Forever 21 has great sales in Bangkok and I just can't wait for their Fashion sale this coming June and July. Before my weakness were bags and shoes but I guess I got tired of it already hehehhe..

    lovely post!

    Take Care

  7. Love the Vuitton shoe luggage.
    Great post and yes, a girl always loves shoes.

    Happy weekend

  8. Those first pair of shoes are amazing! Love them!

  9. The first pair of shoes are gorgeous!


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