Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why wear sexy lingerie?

“Underwears are human rights” ~ Rebecca Bloomwood

Girls, admit it, you would vouch for Rebecca’s claim, “they’re human rights!” why not? Dolling up yourself with sexy lingerie gives you that feeling of extra – extra sexy. Just like clothes and accessories, underwear is very important part of your wardrobe. They define your outfit, they define your mood.


Let’s focus our thoughts on the importance of lingerie for your outfit. Sometimes, after you pulled up those fitting pants, you see a perfect combination of top and pants through the mirror. And then you pivot a little to see those bumps, side ways through the mirror on the wall, but alas, you don’t hear her say “you’re the sexiest of them all”. You wonder why, but then noticed those unwanted clefts. You debate if whether a thong or boyshorts would work best. In my case, I usually go for the latter. There is no exact reason for this other than a personal preference. Also, that boyshorts underwear gives good support and a little lift. But what I know best is that a pair of noticeable cleavage on your behind is not necessary in sporting fitting pants, tights, or skirts.


There are many ways you can use lingerie to give an edge on your outfit. Colorful straps of brassiere for example can add style to a plain spaghetti strap top or a dull off shoulder tee.

Of course, we should not forget that other than fashion, there is one more significant reason why you should wear sexy lingerie. This applies to those girls who are blessed? with a partner. That is passion. Sexy lingerie is more than enough to spark his desires and tease him in a very effortless way.

I love to wear lingerie. The problem is that men always rip it off too quickly. When women are dolled up in lingerie they feel sexy. So let us wear it for five minutes. ~ Karen McDougal

So tell me girls. What is better way to grab your next sexy look than discount lingerie?


  1. I love wearing sexy lingerie... although nobody can see it except me and my partner, I love that they make me feel beautiful. xoxo

  2. I think boy shorts are SUPER sexy!

  3. ughh i hateeeee when i see girls with pantylines...ive lived in thongs for as long as i can remember..but there is also nothign sexier than cute boy shorts and a wife beater while hanging out...with someone special ;)

  4. Great post! You'll get no argument from me here!

  5. I always need to make more effort with my underwear!

  6. Great post and thanks for sharing.
    It is lovely to be a Girl and to be able to wear sexy lingerie.

    Happy rest of the week

  7. That quote made me laugh, haha!!! It's true. ;)

    Thanks for your sweet comment...and thanks for letting me know that the photo was not showing up. I fixed it! :) Have a wonderful Thursday, Love.


  8. I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to break from my typical tank or tee for bed and wear some of my prettier things...the boyfriend does like it, but it's a hard habit to break!

  9. i love shopping for new lingerie, its my weakness!

  10. sexy lingerie is really cute :)

  11. in my opinion, why woman wear sexy lingerie is to feel more sexy in front of men, but most of men think that woman more sexy if they wear nothing, right.


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