Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fashion Don't! Celebrity Outfit Misteps

It’s undeniable that celebrities are always looked upon by fans as inspirations for fashion. They have power to introduce new trends which are picked up by their audience and copied. This is essentially true for celebrities in Asia. However, while celebrities are always on the quest to create their identity, fashion mistep comes hand in hand. There are only few of them who never had contributed to our list for what we call “fashion don’t!”

Be were on sending message through quotes.

Quotes on t-shirts and other apparels became common since many years back. Usually, a tee with texts is a better option compared to a dull single-colored plain tee. However, unless you wish to send that exact message printed on the fabric, you have to be careful in choosing the quotes.

The driver of a car waiting for the green light opened her window and carelessly threw a banana peel. When she finally got off her car, she turned out to be wearing a pink fitting t-shirt that says “I’m a bitch.”

Lindsay Lohan showed up at Snoop Dogg's More Malice release party at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood wearing this huge tee that screams she's a garbage chic.

Actress Lindsay Lohan attends the adidas & Snoop Dogg 'More Mali

Don't go saggy!

I wonder if saggy harem pants are made only for tall girls. It does not highlight any curves, which is vital for not long legged girls, therefore it does not create a figure-flattering look. Even if you wear the most gorgeous top, if you pair it with these kind of pants, it might defeat everything. But Janet Jackson was looking very comfortable in them.

Actress Janet Jackson attends the special screening of "Why Did

Don't wear just anything and everything.

Going too matchy with your outfit can easily create an impression of being a “trying hard fashionista”. Complementary is more of a rule today than matching. But that does not mean that you simply have to throw all items you first grab from your closet - literally anything and everything. When prints clash, it simply says you made no effort. But that’s less harsh than saying you have no taste. Apparently, Mary-Kate Olsen was caught in such an act.


Some bustier aren't meant displayed.

I adore Emma Watson but I don’t adore this dress. I love lace. I love flowers too. But if the lace already took a large part and the embroidered flowers are not very flattering, I no longer need a pair of lacy bustier.

Emma Watson attends the LONDON show ROOMS New York cocktail part

Is there any celebrity outfit you girls think is a mistep? Add them to our "fashion don't!" list.


  1. i don't agree entirely with everything you said, but shirts with words are exceedingly tiresome.

  2. What's with Janet and her harem pants... she looked so short and so lousy in that ensemble.

  3. I love this...haha its funny because when I first saw the shirt LL was wearing I thought it said "LAME OLD CHICK" and I laughed for a while.


  4. Hi Gleenn,

    I think even celebrities get it wrong sometimes.
    Thanks for sharing this post.
    yes, the Emma Watson dress, does not look quite right.

    Happy week

  5. @MD,

    yeah, that's how I read it too, "LAME ..." ;)

  6. @Leah,

    you're right Leah, the pants made her look short and lousy. what a waste for such a fabulous top :)

  7. really love this post. i hope harem pants are only for tall girls, i want to try them. but will surely use janet as a what NOT to do.


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