Monday, May 17, 2010

How to get the best look with ankle boots

Depending on which part of the world you are living right now, you may be enjoying the bliss of sunshine or the bountiful showers of rain; there is one type of footwear that is indispensable – ankle boots.


There are many ways you can wear ankle boots and the choices to look great with them are enormous, however, I would like to speak about the best way to wear ankle boots should the weather allows. Should I say summer?

To get the best look with ankle boots is to wear them bare legged. No tights, no hose, just plain skin whether it’s tan or not. And when I say bare legged, I meant really leggy.

Ankle boots: Go bare legged with mini dress
When it comes to dress, the best for ankle boots is mini dress. Baring more skin gives full attention to your boots. The mini-dress gives a good proportion for your entire look.

photo: sretsis


Ankle boots: Go bare legged with mini-skirt
Another way to go leggy is with mini-skirt. Notice how the girl in this photo sportted her ankle boots for her simple carefree abandon.

ankle mini
photo: lookbook

Ankle boots: Go bare legged with denim shorts
This is my favorite way of wearing ankle boots - going leggy with denim shorts. A chic look for any casual day. The length of your shorts depends on your preference.



  1. ankle boots are the best! and love wearing them with skirts and jeans! great post!

  2. ankle boots are epic.
    they look great with so much stuff!
    lovely post!

  3. Ankle boots *love*
    Fab suggestions. I love ankle boots w. mini dresses. :)

  4. Hey Gleenn

    ankle boots are definitely fun
    they are just so sexy you know
    love 'em


  5. Fate brought the ankle boot and the mini together.

    Love Grace.

  6. great photos, love those boots!
    love your blog, thanks for sharing!
    and thanks for the sweet comments


  7. I put mine away for a while, but you've convinced me to pull them out again!


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