Friday, May 14, 2010

How to wear mini-trend for summer outfits: Part 3

When we speak of summer outfits automatically we think of colorful prints and floral [Part 1] - something what my girl friends would describe as colors that scream "Someone is on here!". But then we came up with elegant summer alternatives out of black+white [Part 2] - something new out of colors that we see a lot during winter. And yet I know, that modern fashionistas are always on the look for edgy outfits that scream "personality!" and "individuality!" So here I am, bringing you the summer look inspirations full of edge. As Shopbop calls it, Edge of Summer.


Look 1. What gives this outfit an edge? Is it the exquisite details of this Crochet Top? Is it the drapes of this silky skirt? By the way, is that a skirt? Oopps, these Alexander Wang creation are actually shorts with apron skirt overlay. So what brings the edge? It's that color symmetry that is very evident plus the sheeredness it offers that every strong minded female would love to embrace. Freedom.


Look 2. Life is full of pressure, competition and friction between sweet and sour. Who needs to live with them? Most of the time it requires effort to ignore them. It requires gift to be able to focus on all the good they bring. Yes, there is no reason to rant about life. There are so much reasons to celebrate life. Although sometime for some people is a great challenge, such is the gift a Carefree Crochet Camisole gives. Featuring a ribbed top hem and scalloped bottom hem, paired with tattered or faded denim shorts, "who cares about life?"

You're everywhere to me
You're everywhere to me by vintagia featuring TopShop skirts

Look 3. What strikes out in this outfit is the mini skirt. The Contoured Suede waist belt added just enough drama with its color being the darker version of the skirt. It's buckle is a perfect centerpiece. Notice how the circle denim vest balances the look. It's edgy but ain't that loud. Unless you're within the age of teens, I don't advise those ankle booties.

I'd love to strut around the city with edgy summer outfits. But the chaos around that is both scary and insane prevents me from doing so and from spotting more edgy outfits from the streets. [Sigh]

But it's TGIS. Have a happy one, girls.


  1. Gorgeous outfits + inspiring ideas! Very cool post, Gleenn...

  2. That topshop skirt is so cute.Love the color of it.


  3. That crochet top is SO gorgeous!

  4. HEY!!! I love those ripped white shorts - I'll definitely going to make some for summer!


    Hey hun i'll be posting some pictures of my new wedge sandals soon!

  5. love these ensembles.

    crochet tops look cute. i kinda want one but i'm afraid i might be uncomfortable in em. i have super sensitive skin i guess. i could never wear the sweaters my grams knitted me when i was young haha.

  6. Thx for your comment. I like very much the used pants. Even if there are some remarks on them! But I like them all the same :)
    I like the shoes of the second photo, they have the really cool :D!

    xx !

  7. ruffles seem to really be in.

  8. Hello friend! Thank you so much for your heartfelt comment, it meant so much to me. I really appreciate your kind words. Also I know that life can get hectic and pull us away from blog world from time to time, but great to know that wonderful people will always stick around! :) This is a wonderful post, and I especially love the skirt in Look 3! Have a wonderful weekend, Love.


  9. Luved ur post!!! Hope u are having a lovely wknd xxx

  10. Love these looks, darling!
    Fabulous post!


  11. Love that 3rd miniskirt - it's such a gorgeous color!

  12. I'm too shy to wear such short minis!

  13. Aww thanks! Great post to read!
    - Adele

  14. the first pair of shoes are so cute!

  15. love the knit tops and cut off shorts! Fab blog, definitely be back! Come follow TBAG if you fancy. Bon weekend!! xxx

  16. I love the 3 outfit! Perfect 4 me! ;)


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