Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to wear mini-trends for summer outfits - Part 1

Mini outfits are the ultimate trend of the season, no doubt about it. Unless you stay in a fully air-conditioned room the entire 24 hours, you wouldn’t want to wear long outfits much more fully covered when the temperature boils up to 41° or even higher. Sure, there are some corners of the world that still await the bliss of sunshine; but that isn’t the case for countries located close to the equator. Believe me, it’s purely exhausting. But of course, no stylish girl would stop impressing her city, or town, just because it’s burning hot. Mini-trends are a lot to embrace.

by insumia.tumblr.com

Regardless of tremendous style couching, we know that everything comes down to personal preference. However, we still scan the magazines, we still search the net, we still read blogs and we still crave for what’s up in the fashion world? just because of one simple reason – inspiration! Therefore brace yourself for the showcase of the looks that recently inspired me, mini-trend outfit suggestions from shopbop.

Lovely girly floral for garden party
Girls, I hope that you're not tired of hearing me speak a lot about prints and floral because I can't help it, they're summer essentials and that's a fact. But bare in mind that it's time to go off the tangent of quick urge to buy anything floral that comes your way especially those worn by mannequins - which are always enticing, but it's a must that you have in mind beforehand ways on how to style them so that they don't get stuck in your closet as quickly as they said “hi!” to it and would have to wait for the next summer to come, if you'd finally come up with ideas on how to wear them, that is.

But if you have several floral choices already available in your closet, then perhaps it’s just perfect to find ways on how to stylishly wear them as a new look for mini-trend.


It might appear at first glance that the striped waistband with buckled strap detail is a belt creatively picked to complete the outfit. But no, it is attached to the floral silk skirt with featured layers. They come in handy. It always is good to wear halter top such as this Catch a Wave but being a 100% cotton with tiered ruffles, "summer!" is getting louder.


How many ways can you wear this Summer Garden Strapless Dress? Worn with an Elizabeth and James blazer gives a formal look, a cardigan would make a casual smart, a denim jacket would be really chic, and a scarf? ... that would make a really lovely accessory for this dress but I'm sure I'd take a black.


Would you love the playful drapes on a floral mini skirt that is silk? What about a knot at the hem of this cropped Carmen Stripe Tee that gives a vintage touch? This outfit is something you wouldn't see everyday.

The title of this post says it's Part 1. This is because my eyes are already closed while my fingers struggled to encode the right words. Okay, ... that's a little exagerated. But hey! If you work for like 7-7 and then 7-12 straight, you'd know what I mean. Who needs to work harder? I wonder.

So bare with me lovelies for tomorrow's post would be the part 2: how to wear mini-trend in black and white. It would survive until part 3: How to wear mini-trend with edge - as in edge!

Have a great Wednesday :)


  1. Lovely picks. I adore the first one!

  2. Great post, Gleenn! I absolutely adore these outfit ideas!! :)

  3. I really need some more florals in my closet...these are pretty!

  4. OOOOH! I loooove floral!


  5. hello
    this is my first time to visit your blog. and your blog is so make me so amaze. love all the skirts.

    heart ya

  6. I love the stripes & floral
    they look great together



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