Thursday, May 20, 2010

Laid-back summer dress inspirations

What inspiration do you have for your summer outfit girls? Are you done with your quest for a summer look with edge? Summer dress continues to prove me great for the season.


I did not mean to leave my blog deserted for days, however, I just did. The turmoil in our city is extremely depressing that no matter how I wanted to write, I remained numbed in front of my laptop seeing how this lovely city that I adore is fighting severe destruction.

I almost succumbed to tears with the fact that is as hard as stone to swallow, my most favorite shopping mall, the Central World of Bangkok, just only after a year of being built anew, was set ablaze. Thanks to the red shirts’ act of terrorism; we call them “the arsons”.

And yet, after days of staring blank upon my laptop, I knew I can’t go on like this. I may be distressed but that doesn’t mean I can do anything, or perhaps, I can’t do nothing.

I need to get back my inspiration. Sometimes, it’s overwhelmingly abundant. Sometimes, it lightly flies off the window. But I realized I just need dresses to bid my sadness adieu. And what better way is there but to find these inspirations just sitting in my email, waiting patiently to greet me “hello”.

Summer dresses by Soft Joie gives summer a new definition. A girl doesn’t have to be hyper-active during this season. She can be laid-back too. Laid back glamour has actually an edge. They create fresh and effortless look on-the-go for any carefree abandon.

summer dress1

1 Kendall Dress. floral silk-chiffon dress with a single hook-and-eye closure at the split V neck.

2 Mary Tank Dress. Another floral silk-chiffon dress with frayed ruffles at the scoop neck and vertical lace and eyelet banding at the front and back.

3 Cambridge Dress. A racer-back print silk dress with a patch bust pocket and spaghetti straps.

summer dress 2

4 Mazira Dress. A print silk dress with a sweetheart neckline and seamed cups.

5 Mary Jo Dress. A print washed-silk dress features a wide neck and leopard graphic.

6 Karla Dress. A scoop-neck washed-silk dress features pintucking at the yoke and pleated vertical banding at the front and back.

Search Shopbop for more Joie's summer look.


  1. I love the second and last dresses, summer is right on the way luckily!

  2. LOVE that orange dress. Fabulous color!

  3. I'm so into the tomato color of #6...I think this will be my summer color!

  4. I am so sorry you have to go throug this difficult times and I can not blame you for feeling "empty" and unable to write. I believe that beauty and kindness will save the world and your post is a proof to it.I loved your choices of dresses although I must when it comes to me, this Summer I decided to go with designs by Kenzo and Galliano. I got myslef two fabulous lingerie kind of dresses and I adore them! This season I am inspired by color more than ever.:-) I am wishing you restful and peacfull weekend. I hope it will be filled with Spring beautiy and light.
    I also would like to say thank you for your wonderful comment under my "Atelier" post. I put so much effort into creating it and it warms my heart to know read about your impression of it. Every word is a treasure to me. Hope to have you as my guest one day. :-)

  5. Loving these dresses! They're so gorgeous!

  6. Hello friend,

    It saddens my heart to hear of your pain and the turmoil in your city. I can't imagine how awful and terrifying it must be, and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. What lovely dresses you have posted, and they look perfectly cool for hot summer days! My favourites are #2 and #4.

    Wishing you much brighter days soon.


Thank you for your time and for your sweet comments. I assure to visit you back shortly. Hugs :)