Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sale, how I love Thee: shoes, dresses, denim, tops and jackets from shopbop

I used to religiously scout for fashions on sale and blog about them every weekend. But then, my day job has taken over and getting too worn out all the time unconsciously made me leave this passion - Sale, how I love Thee! - at the back burner.

But hey, despite my tiredness, I'm sure I couldn't let this good news fly off my window. I did for a lot of them. Shhhh! That was because I did not really want you girls to spend more of your money. Yet here I am, excited to tell you that Shopbop is having some really crazy sale.

I'm loving my Imelda

The first thing I scanned page by page was for the shoes. There are tons of them on sale and mostly are at 70%. Honestly though, a lot of them have not struck the core of my fashion sense. I didn't feel that restless feeling, with hands and feet sweating and mind swirling. Nah, not really. But since there are too many shoes on sale, that just meant I could search through all of them to finally find something to fall in love with.

Then I did find them, a pair that I would so love to embrace.

$650.00 $455.00 (30% off)

Loeffler Randall Lula Platform Booties.
I'm sure you girls understand why I fell in love with these shoes. Snake-embossed leather booties is something that would make you look fierce but effortless. Pardon me environmentalists; I don't really mind killing snakes and wearing their skin. But I mind the price. After 30% off, I still don't think I'd be willing to pay that much. Sigh!

And more shoes. I had a hard time deciding which color is best between the two booties.


Pollini Studio Pollini Cuff Suede Booties in Dark Green/Grey or Berry/Brown? Please help me decide girls. Their price is actually reasonable - $765.00 FINAL SALE* $229.50 (70% off)

Elizabeth and James Greta Woven Pumps. I was planning to look for a more daring bright colors. But I don't know why I ended up choosing for these. If not grey, maroon or rust. Sigh! again. $425.00 $297.50 (30% off).

Little black dress Vs. Little white dress


Torn by Ronny Kobo Caroline Dress $231.00 $161.70 (30% off) or Alice + Olivia Wrapped Goddess Dress $264.00: $184.80 (30% off)

Lovely basic and bright


Tons of them are so loving and divine for summer outfit.

You can also check for denim, tops and jackets. They too are on sale. I'm just not certain if their prices are crazy too. ;)


  1. love the white dress!!!

  2. I'd be happy with any of these dresses but thw white one is my favorite!

  3. That white dress looks really nice!!!


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