Friday, May 7, 2010

Suggested Ways on Wearing Striped

A thirty something fashion guru with two kids was asked, "polka dots or stripes?" Without hesitation and second thoughts, "stripes!" was the reply. "And why? It's because polka dots isn't suited for you once you're over the age of six." Oh really?

Well yes, stripes is a lot less controvertial than polka dots. Many women are more confortable wearing it. A lot of them would undoubtedly go for striped dress, striped top, striped skirts, striped shorts/pants even striped bags and shoes more than polka dots apparels and accessories.

Sunny Yellow Striped
Sunny Yellow Striped by Gleenn featuring Vivienne Westwood accessories
I did try to dispute her argument regarding the polka dots through my preceeding post "Suggested Ways on Wearing Polka Dots", however, it dawned on me that it would help if I as well find ways on how to create a pretty striped look.

I already knew what I wanted when I created this set. A black diagonal striped tube mini dress to go along a pair of black tights. Black and yellow bootie and yellow bag. The lovely gold choker is the highlight of this outfit.

Stripe me up when I'm in downtown
Stripe me up when I'm in downtown by Gleenn featuring Alexander McQueen shoes

I'm glad that despite the ongoing petition of several so-called artists and/or businessmen to shut polyvore down, it still isn't. Many polyvore users are accused of stealing copyrighted images which allegedly hurt several business owners - apparently, due to cut and paste syndrome. I can wash my hands by saying that "all the materials I used to come up with these sets that suggest how to wear striped are through the courtesy of polyvore's sponsor brands."

What glory it is for downtown boys to see their favorite uptown girl in a lively pink and red proom dress wearing an oversized striped hat and striped strands high heels?

No longer subdued
No longer subdued by Gleenn featuring Christian Louboutin shoes

I was amazed to find myself commenting for several times at an article posted by IFB "Who owns the contents you post online?" The article discussed how bloggers are stripped of their rights to profit from their hard work - carefully preparing for their outfits, taking photos of it and then editing - once they submit their photos to social networking sites such as chictopia, facebook, etc. [Have you heard of this recent Payless shoes and chictopia incedent?] But anyway, the article was supposed to talk about how bloggers could help each other in protecting their rights e.g personal photos from being used for advertising without them gaining a penny least a link? However, the tons of comments below the post was manuevered into a different direction by some business owners [with links to their website hidden] when they started bashing each bloggers that commented on the post accusing bloggers of stealing others' images just to be able to run their blogs [of course this isn't true to those who only use their own images especially for those "daily outfit" blogs].

Are these accusations true? Bloggers defend that if they blog about the product, they help to market it. They also provide link back to the image source. Yet image owners screamed out "foul". They do not acknowlege that a link or a mention of their site as the source would suffice for what they demand - permission!

I really love this look. This DayTrip Bias Striped Vest is perfect for a faded denim short shorts. It might be coincidencial when I found these striped booties that were meant to complete the outfit. The bag is neutral while the three pack wrist bands from Nike speaks of your rock N' roll side.

Stripe me with elegance
Stripe me with elegance by Gleenn featuring Yves Saint Laurent shoes

If using someone's photo for your blog and mainly linking back to the source is not enough, then who isn't guilty of thief?

This set is unarguably elegant. Should I speak more about how elegant is black? I'd love too unless you think it's dull. Look at those shoes ... and look at the dress ...

Lady in black striped
Lady in black striped by Gleenn featuring Prada bags

Should I steal just to be able to express what I think are great ways of wearing striped? Believe me, that's the last thing I had in mind when I started this blog. I did try to use public domain photos a lot, but I found out, that anything uploaded to blogger or other free domains are listed as public domain. And those that are real public domain aren't really always useful for my posts. huh?

Being too striped almost all over can be overwhelming. Therefore I decided to subdue a part of this Zoo Tess Striped dress with a cropped leather jacket. The boots are hilarious. I can die if somebody would give them to me as a birthday present [which would be next week?]. But let's face it, even if the boots are at 50% discount right now, they're still very expensive. The dress however is carzily on sale for 80% off. You girls must check it. I was challenged by Anya, a hat designer, to try wearing a beret and I might just fall in love with it. I found this Newsboy Cabbie Beret with Ribbon Bow running towards me.

My Heart Will Go On
My Heart Will Go On by Gleenn featuring Christian Louboutin shoes

Perhaps I should limit the use of photos for this blog if I were to go clean in blogging? That question is harder to ponder than "how would you like to go striped?"

My Hear Will Go On is my favorite love song. But I don't mean that you wear this set when you feel broken hearted or sad. No, I don't think that's the case. I love how the black ribbon gave an edgy look for the top. The stripes of the skirt aren't loud and I like it's cut. The shoes definitely match the mood.


  1. Thx for your comment ;)
    I like the last shoes Louboutin!

    xoxo !

  2. Love the 3rd photo <3 so pure :)

  3. Fabulous sets, darling!

    Especially loving the second to last one!


  4. The last 2 looks are my favourites. Great stripey outfits! (Personally I like to wear polka dots and stripes at the same time, sometimes). It must be pretty annoying when you find that someone is using your pictures for their own advantage - still have to read the article on IFB. Happy weekend!

  5. great post!! i love the outfit with the red lipstick and the last one thats flirty and pink! great choices!!

  6. Stripes are just fab!! I'm in love with this trend

  7. Like polka dots, I love stripes too. These are fabulous styles. xoxo

  8. The first look is my favorite - love it!! :)

  9. I love looking at all the options!

  10. Love the last one! Definitely a fresh spin on wearing stripes. xxSAS

  11. Stripes I can do...especially on top! I love all these looks, but my faves are the first and last.


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